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Blog for Friday 10th March 2023

I woke a couple of times last night – the first time I tried to climb out of bed it was only half past twelve and Ken had to sweet talk me into staying in bed and to sleep a little longer! I snuffled and sorted but went back to sleep.

Apparently, Ken was very grateful that he sleeps with the pillow over his head, as I was bashing him over the head as part of my dream – do not ask me what that was about! Poor guy, he never knows what I will be up to during my dreams – and nor do I! Ken held my hand for a while to prevent me from bashing him over the head, and after a while managed to persuade me to calm down and not fight!

My next time of wanting to get up was just after three o’clock and Ken did his best to talk me into sleeping for a little longer, but that time I was really, wide awake, so I got up and started my normal early morning routine. As you do at three in the morning!

We had appointments in Port Macquarie today, so I showered early and got Ken moving just after eight this morning. I had another dental appointment today – not my fun day!

Our first stop was at the Long Flat Post Office as I had two parcels waiting for pickup. The one was from the Bible Society – they sent me some Bibles for the Kinder Class room and I look forward to sharing them with the little ones on a Monday.

The other parcel was two shirts for Ken, I got the khaki one the other day and these two are orange (bright as the sun!) and navy. All three of them are specifically for the heat and have gussets to allow the air to flow freely to keep one cooler. I bought them for him to wear when he goes Barra’ fishing soon, and later he will get a lot of use out of them on the farm, I am sure. I am delighted with them, and Ken looks good in them too.

I am taking Ken jeans hunting soon, as he really needs some decent pairs for his fishing trip up north and they are so useful to wear on the farm too later on. I will try to talk him into getting some smart longs and shirts for this very special fishing trip to celebrate his turning eighty.

I am so looking forward to this celebration for his special birthday – our children from South Africa and also from Seattle are flying out to Australia, and from Melbourne. Our whole family will be staying in one of the really beautiful Airbnb homes belonging to Mich’ and Robert together, as it is a big home with three levels, and we will all fit in easily. Then obviously Paddy, Ren’ and their family, plus Mich’ & Robert and their family, my sister, niece and her family and our nephew will all be there too. Mich’ has organised caterers and music so it will be a very relaxed evening with our very special family.

Ken and I got a lot done in town today and I am so looking forward to Paddy arriving later today.

We got home from town at about half past three. After Ken had unloaded the ute’ and brought the groceries in, I unpacked them and put everything away while he had his siesta.

When Ken got up later, I asked him to whipper-snip around the shed again as I am paranoid about the slitheries sneaking in when I am not looking!

Paddy ‘phoned at just after seven o’clock to say that he had just turned onto the Bago Road so we could expect him here on the farm just after eight. Yahee! I love, love, love having any of our family come to visit.

Tomorrow, we have a family wedding to attend on Zoom – one of our nieces is getting married in Scotland, and we have all been invited to take part in the celebrations. Should be great fun knowing this family of ours! I just need to check the time difference, so we do not miss out!

By half past eight I felt a great weariness come over me – but I guess that is normal seeing I got up at just after three this morning!

Soon after that Paddy arrived – Ken went across the river to fetch him and the three of us chatted for a short time – as I am sure Paddy was whacked after a full day of working and then driving on up to the farm, I know I was tired and so it was to bed, to bed, said sleepyhead!

It was good to have Paddy back here!

What lesson did I learn today? That dentists, dental nurses and dental mechanics are people too!

What am I grateful for today? Paddy’s arrival on the farm again.

My saying for today is …

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