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Blog for Friday 10th May 2024


I was awake long before my alarm clock began her tinny ditty, but only rolled out of bed at five to four this morning. I really enjoyed just slowly waking up, lying there enjoying the toasty warmth of our bed and realizing that I had been blessed with another marvelously revitalizing, sleep.

Shamara was delighted to see me on time, and had she had the energy or the carpet, she may have been tempted to roll out the red carpet for me this morning! (Though I do have my serious doubts about that!)

Once she was fed the world was set aright again! Silence reigned. Hallelujah!

I went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time and I also finished the study which Mich’ and I have been doing on the Book of Judges – which I loved. – quite scary really, as it was such a perfect picture of our culture now days.

I then sent (via texts and emails) the notes I read out to our Bible Study Group on Wednesday from a sermon I had listened to, and also the notes I had written in my Bible alongside the Psalm 23 which they had asked me for. Done!

Wow! I mentioned that our microwave died yesterday, and as quick as a wink, my good friend Hester offered me their spare microwave and our son Paddy, said he had a spare one too and would bring it up for us next week! Shoo! We are surrounded by those who care. “Thank you!”  Apart from solving our microwave drama I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being cared for and loved. Such a warm and toasty feeling!

In my art course – ‘Ink and Water Color Washes’ – I am now poised and ready to start creating my first bit of art but now, will have to wait to buy a black waterproof pen – (another lesson in patience for you Gail Morgan!) But I have my paints set out, my paper prepared, and I was about to sketch the photograph out with a pencil, but no, one has to work straight onto the paper using only a pen, as that gives the drawing a looser look and makes it more ‘real’, which makes perfect sense to me.

I think I will start doing the next art course on ‘Proportions and Measurements’ while I wait to get into town to buy my waterproof pen. That will help with learning more patience!

Ken managed to get out and about on the farm today, but it was ridiculously muddy and not much fun out there!

We had had another 13mm of rain overnight.

Our pastor has asked me and another lady (who brought up ten of their own children!) to speak in church this Sunday to celebrate ‘Mother’s Day,’ so I worked on my talk for that today. I almost feel underqualified to speak, seeing we only have four of our own children!  But what an honor and privilege to do so!

Tomorrow, I have a LOT of work to do – first I need to do some major cleaning - sweeping, dusting, polishing, mopping and blah blah blah fish paste, and then the ironing is out for me to do as well. Whoop-la-doeps! I look forward to listening to my new audio book “Discovering Daniel” by Amir Tsarfatie and Rick Yohn while doing the ironing.

Tonight, Ken and I finished the cottage pie and veggies which I was able to heat up in the oven, then we both, plus Raafie retired to bed – Ken to do his code word puzzles and me to do my cryptic ones.

Today I removed all the plants and ornaments off our fireplace as it is almost time to begin to light a fire again. It is nice having a fire roaring in our living room when it is wet, cold and miserable outside.

What lesson did I learn today? More patience! Having to wait to get into to town to buy my waterproof pen.

What am I grateful for today? A quiet day at home.

My saying for today is …

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