Blog for Friday 11th November 2022

Apt description of all four of our canines!

Wow! We are racing to the end of the week already! I-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e! For me, time seems to be accelerating instead of slowing down! Or, maybe because I am slowing down, it looks and feels as if time is racing! (I choose the former idea!)

I again woke up later than I like, but have to listen to my body. If it is tired, it is tired and there is no arguing with that fact.

I fed my feline who seems to think I forced her to fast, made my coffee and toddled at a senior pace up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Then it was time to check my grocery list and see that I had not forgotten to write anything down. Get the shopping bags, cooler bag and so on, ready to go to town this morning. Whoo-off off to grocery shop we go!

But … in all honesty, for me, there is something magical about seeing our grocery cupboards full again. Bulging with blessings, that is what they will soon be!

Ken and I only left the farm late in the morning which meant a bit of rush-rush around town, as you may well imagine!

Outside one of the shops and alongside where we were parked was a vehicle, and when Ken exited the shop and went to get back into our car, they too were about to climb back into their car. Ken, stood aside and said something like, “Please, you go first!” and the gentleman said, “Hey! A South African accent!” And so began a happy conversation. They are a couple originally from Johannesburg, a little younger than us, retired and have been living in Australia (Port Macquarie) for five years. Liz and I swopped mobile numbers and they have asked us to please have lunch with them when we are next in town.

What a happy chance meeting!

Ken and I whipped around town purchasing what we needed for the farm and more groceries for us.

Then it was home again jiggety-jog! At the IGA I had to pick up a few items that I was unable to get at Aldis and also bought us each a Magnum ice cream as a treat for ‘being so good’!

Our animals - cattle, four canines, one cat and twenty guinea fowl were all delighted to see us arrive home again.

Ken and I unpacked all our purchases firstly from my car onto the ute’ - banged and bounced across the river, then unpacked them all again into our home, and I then packed them all away into the cupboards and fridges!

I was soon in bed and fast asleep tonight!

What lesson did I learn today? What a privilege it is to be able to buy groceries.

What am I grateful for today? That I get to choose what we want to buy and eat.

My saying for today is …

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