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Blog for Friday 12th January 2024

Yahee! A new day arrived in the dark hours of today and I could write the script for my day and live it too. Marvelous, how every day we have a ‘new’ beginning, leaving the yesterdays behind restored in memory only and stepping into a brand-new day.

When I was having my Quiet Time this morning the heavens opened for a short while and down came the rain. Then just as suddenly they had opened, they shut. We got 6.5mm of rain in those few minutes.

I did several loads of washing and to my horror discovered that my washing machine was ripping my soft fabric items to shreds. Of course, only my newest tops and my very favorite one that my little sister passed on down to me have been trashed. I could have cried.

I found the culprit – a very rough edge in the washing machine drum, but Ken kindly sorted that out for me. Unfortunately, it did not repair my beautiful tops. I am doing my level best not to drop my lip, but it ain’t that easy people! (Four tops and one dress have been shredded.)

I then cut out the fabric I will be using to cover the lampshade with my new scissors that I bought in town yesterday. Wonderful. I clipped it onto the stiffening that I used last time using pegs, just to see if I had allowed enough fabric, and I have. Phew! I now need to iron the fabric before starting to cover the lampshade.

I did some of the ironing today, but to be honest, even with the carrot of listening to an audio book, it just did not do it for me today. I was tired, sweaty and overly hot. I really needed to be floating in an icy cold blue swimming pool, with someone waiting at the poolside to fan me with a large palm frond and drop grapes into my mouth!

W-e-l-l, that was not going to happen so instead, I took a half an hour rest – lying on the couch with the air con’ on and the one fan blowing as hard as it could. It was still hot.

Ken got up later than usual today, but that is the way it was. He went out and continued to slash in the Large River Camp.

Apparently, Paddy and Matt’ will be arriving on the farm at about ten o’clock tonight, so we took the ute’ across the river in the early evening and left it there for them, and I ca me back home on the quad bike with my man.

‘Chris’- the little chook born on Christmas Day when he popped out the egg in the incubator, is growing so quickly. He/she (not sure of the sex) looks like a teenager now all legs, feet and feathers beginning to form and not so much fluff. Shame poor little tyke all by himself and I talk to him every time I walk past the cage he is in, in case he is lonely.

Yesterday I went through all the courses I have downloaded (when they were on Sale each time, so I have a marvelous selection of courses to choose from,) and decided that I must begin to do them now! I would like to do and finish each course in two weeks, if possible, but I first need to complete one and then pace myself to see if that is at all possible.

Slowly, slowly, the day leaked away and night stomped across the sky bringing her darkness behind her.

It was time for me to go to bed. I did and was soon fast asleep. I did not hear Paddy and Matt’ arrive but know that they are here.

What lesson did I learn today? Sometimes you just have to do things tired.

What am I grateful for today? The rain early this morning.

My saying for today is …

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