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Blog for Friday 12th May 2023

Although I was late in getting up – I got up just before five o’clock – Raafie did not move – no, not even a whisker, but remained tucked up in his little fluffy bed.

I was out there on my own in the dark and cold!

That I quickly changed by lighting the fire and having it roaring in a few minutes. Wonderful! Shamara joined me and dear old Sheesa, (our now retired matriarch and kelpie) slept on in front of the fire.

My day had begun …

Ken and I left the farm (with Raafie left safely inside our home, as I do not want a wedge tailed eagle to carry him off!) at half past nine and were on our way to our Bible Study Group meeting in Ellenborough at ten.

As we got to our Highway gate, there on the Highway, just beyond the gate, were two of our cattle! Seriously! They have such nice grass within the gates, but no, they have to be on the Highway nibbling on some rank weedy grass on the other side! So, human-like!

Well, that was not allowed, so Ken and I – more Ken and me – got the two misbehaving cows back on the correct side of the Highway gate! The two dears trotted meekly back in, bless their hooves!

We were five minutes late for our Bible Study, but everyone had only just arrived ahead of us, thank goodness.

It was so good to be together with this group again as we have some really, interesting discussions, plus it was a beautiful morning spent with them all. It was the last session of the study that we have been doing for months. So, when Ian and Marg get back home (they are off to help with some maintenance job in Lismore for two weeks, Ian will begin the next study on a completely different character – this time from the Old Testament.

There were eight of us there this morning and as usual there was plenty of food at teatime, which is always a treat for us all. We each (that is the women) bring something for that, so there is always more than enough. None of us will ever suffer from starvation, that is for sure!

Once home, Ken headed off to have a sleep before going out in the late afternoon to muster the cattle at the resort and bring them back here. Myles (from the resort) will help him to do that.

While Ken was out, I decided to do some reading and sit out in the sunshine watching the dogs playing. I did more watching the dog cavorting about than I did reading, and they thoroughly enjoyed being watched by me. Just like children do.

Ken went off to meet the resort guys at the back of our farm to bring our cattle – four and one calf back to our farm, but in the end the resort guys put them on their truck and brought them to our Highway gate and Ken and our dogs brought the ‘wandering bovines’ across the river and into our Home camp.

While Ken was out I also gave Raafie a wash and a shampoo – which he was NOT impressed by and kept trying to claw his way out the sink, but I am an old hat at doing this, and he did not stand a chance of escaping me! He is now smelling sweetly apparently, (I can pass no judgement as I have no sense of smell, so I would not have a clue.)

Slowly, slowly, today leaked out and the darkness of night stained the once pale blue sky and the chilliness of a wintry evening seeped in.

I lit the fire.

Ken got home and fed the dogs and our day came to an abrupt end not too much later.

What lesson did I learn today? To find enjoyment in each and every day.

What am I grateful for today? Our group of good friends.

My saying for today is …

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