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Blog for Friday 13th January 2023

I was up this morning and could feel, even that early in the morning., that it was going to be another hellishly hot day.

It was.

It seems that a rainy day is moving further and further away from us, leaving us to bake in this incredible heat – it has been (temperature wise) in the mid-thirties for days and days and days on end without any respite.

In the wee hours of today I fed Shamara and tiptoed up to my studio to have my Quiet Time, and to do some studying and then a little more transcribing.

Later, I wrote out my grocery list – just a short version of it - as we were not going into Port Macquarie, only into Wauchope today.

Paddy and Matt’ were out working in the ‘yards and have almost finished the one fence line. They have done a wonderful job with the wood we had. I am super impressed, and they have done that all in this horrible heat. I salute them both!

I had so hoped that I would be able to purchase some watercolor paper in Wauchope - not just any kind, but the paper stipulated for the different art courses I am doing - at the News Agents as they used to have some in stock, but nary a scrap was to be seen. I will have to order it online.

Ken dropped me near the News Agency and I toddled around there, while he zipped out to the industrial area to pick up our now-straightened and untwisted tractor forks! Great jubilation all round.

Then it was a quick stop at the rural store, the IGA and the Holy Cow butchery, before heading back home.

When we left the farm to go into Wauchope, we took Matt’ across the river with us, as he decided to drive back home this morning, (to Terrigal) instead of in the late afternoon. I miss his presence and noise already!

But … he will be back in two weeks with a bunch of his pals for the weekend. Yahee!

Once home, I grabbed a quick bite to eat for lunch before heading back up to my studio to check emails. I then lay down on the couch up there to listen to my audio book. Fatal! I was asleep in seconds, but only had a quick catnap! I will have to rewind my audio book again! I will wear that spot out with all the rewinds; I fear!

Ken and Paddy also went for a lie down in the afternoon as it is really too hot to even think when it is this hot.

As the day frittered its last few hours away, Ken, Paddy, the dogs – all four, plus Pumpkin, (Paddy’s cat) the guinea fowl – all twenty of them and I sat outside or around the fire to farewell another day in our lives.

What lesson did I learn today? Sometimes silence is the best answer.

What am I grateful for today? The many privileges I have in living here in Australia, and on this beautiful farm.

My saying for today is …

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