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Blog for Friday 13th October 2023

Again, I was up bright and early – half past three! Seriously I need to re-set my body alarm clock as that time is a wee bit early for it to be ‘normal’!

I made myself a mug of coffee and sat in the passage hoping to have my Quiet Time and then may be write a blog, but writing my blogs is rather frustrating as there is not internet so I am battling to move photos around and cannot send texts et cetera, but it is an excellent lesson or lessons in patience!

Hallelujah! The internet came on this morning at long last.

Soon this home was a hive of busyness as the ladies got themselves prepared to set off on the bush walk through the game reserve. They were not allowed to wear any bright colours and had to preferably wear mute or ‘natural’ colours, so there was much discussion about that!

I asked Kerry’ to give me the instructions of the how’s, why’s and when’s of feeding the four animals – two cats and two dogs. Thes animals have gourmet but healthy food. Kerry’ is very aware and mindful of polluting our earth and is very good at not doing that.

Here are a few photos of ‘les girls’ setting off to pick up Kristen and to head for the game reserve.

From Left: Tyra’, Mich’ and Kerry’

Tyra’, Mich’ and Kerry’

I waved them off and then opened and locked the entrance gates to let them out as they tooted the hooter. I could hear the fun already buzzing about in their car as they drove away and up the hill.

I came back inside and fed the dogs and cats and had a shower to be ready for my day.

My little sister Sheelagh was due to arrive here at about half past nine, but poor woman, had never been here before \and I was concerned that she would get lost trying to find it! With only one false start she managed to get here, and it was wonderful to see her again.

Sheelagh came laden with gifts for my birthday and for Dee and the women in our family in Australia for me to take back with me. Sheelagh gave me a beautiful pair of silver sandals, three shirts, some earrings, and a pair of white longs! Seriously, I feel like the best dressed woman ever!

Sheelagh also came bearing food, snacks and wine, so we should survive the next few days!

It was just so lovely sitting out on the verandah catching up. It was a beautiful day and we had so much to talk about and laugh about. Our conversations were only interrupted by a dog or cat wanting some attention and hugs.

AS I did not want to spend hours sweating over creating a meal, so I made a Thai chicken curry with rice and served with avo’ – very plain but something to fill any empty corners in our stomachs.

As we ate on our laps we watched ‘Grace & Frankie’ on TV and as I have never watched them before it was very entertaining and funny.

Sheelagh and I retired to our respective beds at about ten-ish (I think,) but I am not sure as I did not check the time when I climbed into bed. But before retiring to bed, I locked everything up real tight – making sure that I had not left any window, door or anything unlocked! I am a little rusty at that now, but I did my best.

I was soon fast asleep and did not move until half past three the next day!

What lesson did I learn today? Over and over, I learn just how incredibly important my family is to me.

What am I grateful for today? Having my sister here with me.

My saying for today is …

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