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Blog for Friday 17th March 2023

I must have had a good night’s sleep as I do not recall Ken having to shake and wake me out of a nightmare, but … then I often do not remember that, unless Ken reminds me.

Nah! Apparently, I behaved myself in my sleep and did not yell, kick or box my man!

After my normal early morning routines, I had a shower and got dressed for a day in town. I let my man sleep on for a while, as we were not going to be doing that much shopping and I left off getting groceries today as I am sure we can get through another week on what we have here at home.

I am so pleased as I got my hair trimmed today which means that my head feels a whole lot lighter, but then I am not sure whether that is caused by a brain leak, or a shorter haircut! My money is on “shorter haircut’!

My main reason for getting into town was to buy some smart jeans for Ken for his fishing trip up north and also for his 80th birthday party – which will be just a casual get together with our family. What is not so casual, is that many of them are flying from South Africa and Seattle, USA to celebrate his special day and that is so exciting!

Mich’ and Robert have made available their latest property – a three storied home which is they recently renovated and decorated as an Airbnb, but we as a family will be staying there for a week! Living like kings, queens, princes and princesses all together! What a celebration this is going to be. Mich’ has also organized a caterer for Ken’s party, and the music, so we are all ready to rock 'n roll!

We truly have a fantastic family whom I love with every fiber of my being.

Then after Ken’s party - towards the end of the month - Paddy and Matt’ are flying with Ken up north to Dundee Beach and they will be staying at a very nice five star fishing lodge and going fishing for barra’. A dream come true for Ken and I am sure that the four of them (Pete’ is also joining them – a good friend of Paddy’s and also of Ken’s) will have a splendid time. This is a gift paid for and thought of by Paddy and Matt’ for Ken.

In Port Macquarie today, Ken and I had some fish and chips for lunch and so were not at all hungry for supper tonight - that is the trouble when one has a big meal late in the day. Ah well, we both enjoyed our fish and chips and missing the odd meal here and there is not all bad at this portly time of our lives!

We got back home from town at just before half past four, unpacked my little car, loaded everything into the ute’ and banged, bounced and swayed across the river, up the hill and back home.

The dogs and guinea fowl were all delighted to see us back home, as that meant food for them. I prefer to think that they have all missed us, but … in reality, we are just the suppliers of their food!

Again, it has been a very hot day and I cannot wait for the autumn days to kick in. Yes-yes! I know, soon I will be whining about the cold! The weather is a good source of conversations and to air one’s grievances in life, not so?

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy even shopping in town – for it IS a privilege. For starters - we have a vehicle to transport us there. We have the money we need. We are able to walk around the shops as our legs are still in working order and we managed to buy what Ken needed too … and the list of privileges goes on and on.

What am I grateful for today? To have had my haircut, so am looking less like a very woolly sheep.

My saying for today is …

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