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Blog for Friday 17th November 2023

A new day arrived wrapped in thick fog and low-lying clouds, but no rain was happening … yet!

We had 6.25mm of rain overnight which was nice, but we are still hoping to get some heavy rainfall over the next few days as we need our dams to be filled. They remain empty.

At just before eight o’clock I went downstairs to shower and get dressed for a day in town and I woke Ken up at half past eight.

We left the farm at about half past nine and went straight to get the ute’s wheel balanced. Apparently, the front wheels need new bearings and something else I cannot for the life of me remember what, (Something to do with the rods, I think?) so Ken tried to book it in with our mechanic in town, but he had already knocked off being a Friday. Ken will have to phone on Monday.

We headed into Port Macquarie and Ken dropped me off at Koorong (Christian Bookshop) as I needed to stroll around to get ideas for gifts for the children leaving our Primary School to go up to High School next year. Apparently, the SRE powers that be do not approve of the book I was hoping to give these children. I understand they have to be extremely fussy about this so not to offend anyone, but it makes it very hard to find something suitable.

Never mind, I will keep trying!

From there we went across to Woolworths( as I thought that Aldis was open yesterday, but it only re-opens tomorrow!) Ngrrr! So, I bought only the things I needed right now.

Ken and I stopped and had something to eat for lunch in the centre and then we went to Super Cheap as Auto Ken needed a few things for the ute’ there.

Next stop was Bunnings as I needed some spray to neutralize odours for the cat box area in the main shed.

Last stop was IGA in Wauchope as I had to get some Panadol, and a small bottle of sherry from the bottle shop for my Christmas cake, that I hope to make this weekend some time.

Then it was home again, home again jiggety-jog and to be welcomed back home by one very exuberant little Jack Russell! It was good to be home, but so disappointing, in that we had only had 1.5mm of rain whilst we were out for the day, and we were hoping for a heavy downpour. Never mind, it will come.

Once home, Ken headed off for his siesta and I unpacked the groceries and put them away and then I went up to my studio and did a bit of reading, but I was feeling a little off colour. A little nauseous. Hopefully just a passing something.

As both Ken and I had a substantial lunch and late in the day, we decided to skip supper tonight. Yahee, that means an early bedtime, I hope!

What lesson did I learn today? To rearrange things when the original plan does not work out.

What am I grateful for today? Whatever rain we get.

My saying for today is …

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