Blog for Friday 18th November 2022

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I shot out of bed at ten to four this morning, so before my alarm clock had time to begin her ditty! Whoo-hoo!

Shamara was absolutely delighted that I was ‘on time’ this morning as that meant her growling stomach could be filled and not rumble any longer! Her stomach rules her life, that cat!

I made myself a mug of coffee, grabbed one of the rusks that I baked the other day and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Today neither Ken nor I had anything pressing to do or be done, nor were there any visitors arriving today, so … Ken spent most of the day horizontal and I fluffed and faffed around.

I went out to see what I could do in my veggie garden, but ended up by just watering it for half an hour. I did not want to move any of the containers out unless Ken could promise me no bovines would be around to chomp my remaining veggies.

I spent a quiet morning just putting the finishing touches to the hand puppet/finger puppet of Gabriel the angel. I used silver tinsel as I could not find any gold! The angel shines and that should do it! I also glued the weeniest piece of the silver tinsel to the head of the baby Jesus too.

I will take the puppets with me to church on Sunday to show Karen (the Sunday School leader), and see what she thinks of what I have done so far.

I spent some time on my SRE lessons but still am not a hundred percent happy with them yet. I chose a game for the older children which should provide them with much laughter and fun, but still need to decide on one for the younger children at school.

I did some work on my Bible Study for next Friday and our pastor asked us all to read 1 Corinthians 2. before Sunday as that is the chapter he will be teaching from. I did that.

I did some washing and also some ironing so that I do not get behind again like I recently did. It is always such an effort when that happens, although I get a lot of listening done of whatever audio book I am ‘reading’ during those ironing marathons!

Last night I read the chapter my friend had just written for her book and she writes so well that I was left with a heavy heart for the main character, ‘Nelie. Nelie had a very hard and difficult life as an Afrikaner during the Boer war and my friend paints her tragic life with words that move one so.

My friend is already thinking of writing the sequel to this book! I salute her! She is one brilliant woman, and she amazes and astounds me with her talent!

At a quarter past two I decided to chill and read my book for a bit. How marvelous is that?

But guess what? This was a book I had downloaded some time ago, (a free one and no, it was not a sample) and I did not check to see if it had downloaded properly, I just assumed it had. So, today I was really getting into the story when at chapter seven it abruptly ended! Nothing more had downloaded!

Another lesson learnt. Check my books download correctly in future!

Tonight, we had a savory mince, mashed potatoes and peas as I was feeling lazy and Ken was not sure if he wanted anything to eat, but he was tempted to do so once I had made everything.

I went to bed long before Ken but in the end, he was fast asleep long before me. I think I get overtired (shoo, I think I am going through a second childhood or something!) and then although really tired my body and mind will not allow me to sleep.

Very annoying!

What lesson did I learn today? How to enjoy a quiet day at home for a change.

What am I grateful for today? Today!

My saying for today is …

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