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Blog for Friday 19th January 2024

The new day arrived swaddled in layers of soft white fog, which soon burnt off once the sun popped up over the horizon.

No rain forecast for today. Nor storms came our way. No rain we got.

After my Quiet Time this morning, I decided that whether I wanted to or not, I was to begin cleaning windows and all the blinds! Tremble. But … I find when there is a task or job that I really do not want to do, if I break it down into baby steps and am not tempted to see how much work I need to do in total, I somehow manage well. Just keep your eyes on the little baby step in front of you and nothing else.

I also try to divide the work out into manageable portions, so that it is not all one in one great big go. So, today I cleaned the glass sliding doors, the surrounds, the grooves the doors run in et cetera. Next, I did the first set of window blinds. Yoh! There are thirty-three individual slats over double windows and each slat has to be wiped down top and bottom and that length.

I can honestly say that there were many moments when I thought, ‘Enough!’ and I was ready to quit and continue another day, but … no, I set myself this task and I must finish it. If I were to have stopped, would I honestly have started again?

I doubt it.

So with much perspiration (it was really hot,) determination and persistence I finished what I had set out to do for today. I still have other blinds and windows to clean, but … I have completed what I had down to do today!

That is a good feeling.

In the late afternoon I brought in all the washing now dry, which means I will have a lot of ironing to do tomorrow morning before I continue my windows and blind cleaning. I can listen to my audio book again then. Actually, even while I was cleaning the windows/doors/blinds, I listened to a podcast or book which makes things so much more fun for me. The time flies by.

When Ken went out to the back of the farm checking the cattle, I took Chris (hen or rooster we are not sure yet) chick out for a walk in the ‘wilds of our grass’! He/she loved it being out in the open with the sunshine on his/her back as he/she explored the great outdoors.

But oh my goodness, Chris’ is getting far too quick – before he/she would stay close and come to you, but now he/she moves like lightning and NOT towards me either! There I was a lot of diving to catch him/her going on, there was much squawking from Chris’ happening and huff and puff from me! I am not used to chicken catching episodes!

Suddenly today vanished and night had arrived.

For our supper tonight I grilled lamb chops served with mashed potatoes, peas and butternut.

I headed for bed early as I was tired. A nice tiredness. A ‘I did it’ sort of tiredness!

What lesson did I learn today? Sometimes you just have to pull on your big girl panties and get on with life.

What am I grateful for today? Clean glass sliding doors and blinds, and one set of clean window blinds done so far.

My saying for today is …

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