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Blog for Friday 19th May 2023

So, I should stop doing it!

Brrr! Nippy was the word that came to mind as I wheedled my sleepy body out of our toasty warm bed and into the chill of the new day.

I left Ken and Raafie snuggled up and still wrapped up warmly in our bed as I fed my feline, made my coffee and then went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.


Tonight, Paddy comes to the farm. Whoop-dee-doo-dee! I am not sure if Tamryn, Ash’ and Matt’ are coming up but I am sure one of them will phone later. In the meanwhile, I shall whip around the shed making beds, setting out towels, tidying and jetting around on my broomstick to disturb the dust.

Oh tra-la-la-la-la! If Tamryn, Matt’ and Ash’ were coming up they would probably arrive earlier than Paddy normally would, as he only leaves after work. That meant food!

I dived into out deep freeze and yanked out some very frozen, deboned and skinless chicken thighs, and as I scooted around our home I tried to create a delicious recipe for them in my head – with what I had at home – for supper tonight.

In the end it was a Chicken a la Hash dish served with rice, but it tasted nice!

Yes, Tamryn was at the shops when she phoned to ask me if we needed anything, and they were on their way up to the farm. Goodie-goodie-gumdrops. I love have family here as we normally just have fun together even if that entails working with cattle.

When the trio arrived on the farm it was half past four, and Tamryn had brought two more murder mystery games for us to play, plus a new game to us all - “Telestations”. Wonderful!

I only gave them a few minutes to shake themselves in before we settled around the dining room table, near the fire. There we played several rounds of “Telestations” and I laughed so hard I almost split my sides! It is a game a little like “Chinese Whispers” except you are drawing instead of whispering! Great fun.

Everyone was keen for an early night, so we ate supper early and then everyone headed off to their respective beds at about seven o’clock. Quickly before anyone could get cold!

Yoh! It is cold out in the main shed, but Tamryn was fine as she had the electric blanket on her bed. She bought it a year ago and left it on the farm for when it was cold, so she was delighted to use it tonight!

Paddy was only due on the farm much later, so Ken and Matt’ took the ute’ across the river and left it there for him to use when he arrived on the farm. They came back on the quad bike.

Little Raafie is loving sleeping in bed with Ken and mwah, and he sleeps right through the night now – no problem. Plus, I have no need of an electric blanket as he is an ideal “hot water bottle’ for me!

What lesson did I learn today? How much I love our family.

What am I grateful for today? The safe arrival on the farm of Paddy, Tamry, Matt’ and Ash’.

My saying for today is …

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