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Blog for Friday 1st September 2023

Hey! It’s spring today – or the beginning of it anyway! Hallelujah!

Last night we got 12mm of rain plus some tiny hail stones too. It was just lovely to hear the thunder rolling over head and the rain pelting down really hard on our tin roof - sounds we have not heard for a long time. Beautiful!

It was so nice to wake up knowing that both Tamryn and Paddy were under the same roof as Ken and me! Family is so very precious to me.

As no one really wanted a big breakfast everyone just helped themselves to whatever took their fancy – toast, cereals or whatever. Easy-peasy for me!

Ken went out to the back to check on the cattle and he also moved some of our animals that had sneaked across to our neighbors. Ken took a snapshot of a cow with her little calf out at the back of the farm, so I thought I’d include it in my blog today. Unfortunately, the color is not good, as I think Ken took this photo midday and it was far too bright, therefore you do not see the rich, deep brown-red of their coats, and the yellowness of the grasses.

A scene I never tire of – a mum and her little one.

Paddy has just been fencing, fencing, fencing poor guy and him with a sore back, nog al. Tamryn has been trying to catch up with all the reports she needs to write for her work, plus also trying to squeeze in time to rest and relax. Not an easy balancing act!

Late yesterday I baked a batch of rusks, and this morning I spent hours drying them. Then I made two large milk tarts – that I had promised Paddy I would. Plus, I put on those ribs I had wanted to bake yesterday. They smell delicious and are very tender, so I hope they taste good. I will serve them with mashed potatoes and salad, or for those who prefer, there were veggies – cauliflower cheese, pumpkin and peas.

I even managed to sweep and mop the floors and hang out three loads of washing, but I have not got near to the ironing yet. Maybe tomorrow?

I am delighted to say that I also managed to enter all the receipts for the farm for the month of August and have already sent those off to Rentia, our daughter-in-law who does the farm books! Yahee!

At one stage today Tamryn walked out to where Paddy was fencing and helped her Dad (Paddy) for a while, before walking all the way back here. Shoo! She worked up a serious sweat I reckon! Tamryn also sat outside working on her laptop in the morning, and in the afternoon, she stretched herself out in the sunshine in her bikini to get a tan.Sonice to see that she really is trying to find some rest.

In the afternoon Ken, Paddy and Tamryn had a lie down to read, relax, rest or snooze, but that was when I do the farm receipts to be sent to Ren’. I prefer to be absolutely whacked come bedtime, and not to sleep during the day unless I am not well or nod off by mistake!

Ah yes! Yesterday I received the beautiful blank recipe book that I ordered. I want to write out the family’s favorite recipes for Tyra’ – our granddaughter who is getting married next month, and to whose wedding I will be going! Whoo-hoo! I am most impressed with this book as it is beautifully presented. I will do this for her birthday gift which is tomorrow and take it with me when we fly out to South Africa in a month.

I am waiting for a new mop to arrive in the post too. I have two really, old mops that have both seen better days and need to retire into the bin shortly! This new one has its own container and one can put a liquid cleaner into a dispenser on the mop, which sounds good to me.

Today has been another lovely day, with quite a nippy wind pumping, but if one was in the sun and out of the wind it was fairly hot.

Well, today has been a quiet day really – no getting stuck in the river, or fires burning, or bulls busting fences! But … that can change in the blinking of an eye!

What lesson did I learn today? To do what I set out to do.

What am I grateful for today? Having family with us – it is just so comfortable and easy to have them here.

My saying for today is …

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