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Blog for Friday 20th January 2023

It is a “Happy Birthday!” to Robert – (one of our three son-in-law’s) – today! Yahee, we hope he has a fantabulous day and is spoilt rotten too.

We had a few drops of rain overnight which added up to the grand total of 1mm! But … hey, that is 1mm better than nothing, isn’t it?

This morning Paddy set out again to do more fencing at the back of the farm and Ken headed into town to pick up the strainer posts we should have picked up yesterday, but did not have the room on the ute’ to do so.

I fluffed and flitted around on my broomstick and then sloshed around on the mop for a while. I did more washing and drying (had to use the drier as rain was threatening, even if not falling!)

I sorted out through my clothes took out items that I do not wear or do not need to take to St Vinnies, or one of the charity shops of second hand/pre-loved clothes. Yahee, that was a good job done!

I had organized for our “tribe of friends” to meet for lunch this Sunday at the Bago Winery, but when I phoned to book – (one can only do this online) I noted that they have not got a real restaurant there, but only serve cheese or meat platters, and do wine tastings, which obviously was not what we wanted.

It then took me over an hour to get everyone’s ideas and approval (or not), before we settled at long last on the Bago Tavern in Wauchope and I booked a table. I had hoped to go farther afield and to try some place we had not yet tried, but perhaps … another day.

Today, I have had a few requests to send out to the congregation on behalf of different people and so have been up and downstairs trying to keep up to date with those.

I am delighted to tell you that my friend Shirley, who is normally in charge of all things email for the church, is now back home and I will be able to hand this work back to her! She did a good job of trying to convince me to stay on, but quite honestly, at the moment I have too many other things demanding my time. I am happy to help out whenever, but I cannot accept doing it fulltime at the moment.

Ken phoned me from Wauchope to find out how much rain we had had on the farm, but we had not had one drop and there he was in Wauchope with it bucketing down. Ngrr!

But … later we had a sudden downpour (without a blip or cloud on the rain radar I may add) and we received 5.75mm of rain. And again later on another 2.25mm – so by five o’clock we had had a total of 8mm which thrilled the three of us. A little later another very light shower, but I am into counting raindrops and all that! Any little drop of rain is gratefully received!

Tonight, I made my men vol au vents filled with tuna in a white onion sauce, served with mashed potatoe and peas. I did not eat as my stomach is still not that happy thanks to that wretched hot dog, (serves me right for eating junk food) when we were in town the other day.

What lesson did I learn today? Not to be disheartened when I cannot do all the things I had planned to do.

What am I grateful for today? To be thankful with what I have managed to get done today.

My saying for today is …

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