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Blog for Friday 20th October 2023

I woke up at about five o’clock this morning after a noisy night.

Last night when I went to bed the bush – just outside my window - seemed to come alive – there were the flufftails making their mournful sound, the bush babies crying, and the owls hooting loudly, plus a chorus of frogs giving an all-round surround sound!

As I slowly sank into the Land of Nod, I saw light flickering. Initially I thought it was lightning but the light just got stronger, and stronger so I got up and peeped out my windows. I saw James running and carrying a torch outside with the dogs running around and around with him.

James was checking to see what had got the dogs so excited and he eventually found the reason – a snake! James removed said snake and put it back into the bush and everyone settled down again!

When Kerry’ got up this morning, James was at home too as the surf was not good, so the three of us had breakfast together before starting our day in earnest.

Kerry’ suggested that we do some more art together and try to paint “Small Miracles of Nature” – the theme of her art club for November.

Today we worked with water colors, and it was such fun. Kerry’ had soft music playing in the background as we painted our little hearts out with the odd chitter-chatter sprinkled over the music. It was such a lovely way to spend the day.

At about two o’clock James took me across to Sheelagh and Tony’s home – where Mich’ and Robert had already arrived. Sheelagh gave me a grand tour of their abode – which is ideal for them. It is a three-bedroom apartment with a little handkerchief garden, which is more than enough for the two of them. It had a happy atmosphere, and I am sure that they will be happy living there. It was important for me to see where they live so that when I go back home I have a picture of them living, working, loving and laughing there.

Tony (Sheelagh’s husband) was also there so it was nice to catchup with him too. I had a mug of coffee and Sheelagh had bought some samosas and koeksisters too, so, I wolfed down two koeksisters just delighting in their sweetness.

I said “Cheers!” to Tony as Sheelagh took me across to Eric (her eldest son) and Janine’s home in Durban North. They have a lovely and very large home and Sheelagh conducted a guided tour, showing me all the rooms – and there were, a large amount of them! Eric an Janine have an ideal home for their family of three boys all into sport in a big way.

I got to see Ben and Ethan (Eric and Janine’s two out of three sons) and was flabbergasted at how much they have grown. Sam’ their youngest son was out playing sport. While we were there Ethan came back home but then left to play cricket a little later, but I was sad that we did not get to see Sam’ or Janine, who was out finishing work.

From the left: Shan’, Sven, Eric, Me and Sheelagh

From the Left: Robert. Shan’, Me, Mich’, Sheelagh, Eric and Sven

It was great to see them all – Mich’ and Robert joined us at Eric and Janine’s home too. The time just flew by at the speed of light, and it was suddenly time to say our “Goodbyes!” and I returned with Mich’ and Robert to Kerry’ and James’ home in Ballito.

Kerry’ had made an enormous pot of oxtail and veggies which was scrumptious, served with rice. The six of us chomped happily together and then traipsed through to the lounge to watch the rugby match where the All Blacks played the Argentinians. I did not stay to the end of the match as the All Blacks were clearly winning by a long shot, and I was whacked.

I think everyone decided the same and we were all soon in bed.

Another special day spent with family, and I was smiling as I went to sleep. I try not to concentrate on the “Goodbyes!” but rather be grateful for the time I got to see and be with family. Who knows what lies around the corner and how many more times we will meet. I choose to think that we will be together many more times. It may look impossible now, but the Lord can sort that out easily!

What lesson did I learn today? To be happy for the time I got to be with family and not be sad when leaving them.

What am I grateful for today? Family!

My saying for today is …

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