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Blog for Friday 23rd December 2022

I shot out of bed like a scalded cat this morning when suddenly remembered what I had to do before we left the farm!

Originally, we were only leaving the farm on Saturday 24th December, but as Josh’ (the young guy coming to look after our animals for us) did not have to work on the Friday, he came to the farm and slept over on the Thursday and he suggested that we go a day earlier seeing he was already on the farm.

Wonderful But yikes! That meant I did not have twenty-four hours to finish what I was busy doing! I just had to walk away and leave what I had not managed to do not done – not an easy thing for me, I may add!

Ken and I eventually left Wauchope at midday, and then it was onward and forwards!

We stopped at Coolongolook for something to eat and drink and then continued our journey. The traffic was horrific at the Hexham junction, but the traffic was orderly and kept moving.

We arrived at Mich’ and Robert’s at half past four and boy, we were so happy to have got here! Only Mich’ was here as Ethan had gone to fetch his girlfriend and her Mum from the airport – they were returning from a visit to the UK to see family over there. Robert was out at the shops and Josh’ (our Joshua) will be flying in from Bali tomorrow morning.

Ken headed off for a late siesta and then Robert arrived back home, but he too went for a quick cat nap as he was tired after not sleeping well last night, leaving Mich’ and I to chat and catch up on news.

We – that is Ken and I - had such a lovely surprise, as Nev’ – a long time school friend of Robert’s popped in to see us! We last saw Nev’ maybe thirty years ago! Nev’ is hoping to moveout to this area – he us presently based in Singapore and that will be lovely for both Nev’ and Robert to live near each other again.

We all had a pleasant evening together regaling many stories with lots of laughter – just a beautiful way to spend an evening, catching up with family and friends.

Nev’ even stayed and had supper with us and then Robert had to leave as he went to visit Adrian (my niece’s husband) who is in hospital. Yes, that was a surprise! Adrian had to have an angioplasty and ended up having two stents put into his heart too! Adrian has just turned fifty and is super fit.

It goes to show one never knows what lies around the corner in life. Treat it gently, gratefully and with great respect!

Nev’ went back to the place he is staying now, Ken, Mich’ and I retired to our respective beds, and not long after we had done that, Robert arrived back home from the hospital.

Sleep time.

Ah! I sank happily into the oblivion of sleep with a smile on my face. Ah! It was so good to be here with our family.

What lesson did I learn today? Go with the flow woman!

What am I grateful for today? A safe trip from the farm to the Central Coast.

My saying for today is ….

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