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Blog for Friday 26th January 2024

Hey! Happy Australia Day everyone! What a privilege for us ‘adopted Aussies’ to celebrate today with you all! Enjoy.

I whacked my alarm clock and silence reigned again. I was awake at ten past one this morning and thought it was time to get up until I checked the time! I slowly rolled out of bed at just after four o’clock and into the darkness of the new day.

Shamara was delighted and wolfed her food down at speed.

I then tiptoed up the stairs to my studio to have my Quiet Time and start my day. I hoped that I had not disturbed Paddy’s sleep by the creaking of the stairs, but there was no sign of my having done so. Good!

Later I went downstairs, and Paddy joined me there for a early morning coffee and rusks. We were just on our second mug and having a good chat when Paddy espied out the kitchen window the campers driving up to the top shed – Paddy shot into the main shed area, and I squirted into the bathroom to shower, and I woke Ken up to go greet and see to his friends at the door!

After they had said their “Hello’s!” our campers went back to their camp and Paddy took Chris (our lonesome little chook – apparently a hen) for a walk. Paddy tried to introduce her to the big chooks but the rooster gave her a peck, so maybe not just yet. She needs to grow a little more.

Later, Ken went to have a rest, Paddy went to do more studying on his laptop and I came up to my studio to go through the tons of emails that need attention.

Then as the day got progressively hotter and hotter, I decided that I would simply smear my body onto the couch, put the air con on and the fans and lie there and not move any muscles bar my eyes. I lay there and watched two episodes of my latest series!

Wicked, wicked wench!

My excuse was that I was celebrating Australia Day my way!

Ah yes! But I did do something today after all! I baked another batch of rusks – my good deed for the day so I could lay my head down tonight knowing I HAD done something today, after all!

The day slowly melted away. I had prepared our meal for tonight, but no one was hungry. Paddy and Ken suggested that I put it into the fridge for tomorrow. Everyone was thirsty and not wanting food and as I felt the same, I put said meal into the fridge for tomorrow.

While I was busy unpicking a swimming costume of mine to put new elastic in the legs, Ken and Paddy took Chris’ – the little chook out for an evening stroll by the outside benches. Raafie had to be on his very best behavior and not eat the poor little feathered morsel. But oh dear, the temptation was great!

Paddy outside acting as Raafie’s controller with Chris’ within chomping distance!

A little later Ken, Paddy, Chris’ and Raafie all came inside as the sun had disappeared and Paddy still wanted to do another hour and a half of studying.

Not THAT is sheer will power, determination and vasbyt all rolled into one!

I left Ken sitting in front of the TV watching some cricket match and I shuffled off to bed to watch still more episodes of my series but did not last very long for my eyes kept slamming shut! Oh dear, ‘tis age and all that catching up on me.

What lesson did I learn today? To celebrate Australia Day by taking time out.

What am I grateful for today? That I can celebrate Australia Day as an Aussie!

My saying for today is …

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