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Blog for Friday 26th May 2023

I woke up at midnight last night as my mouth was so sore. So, I got up and took two Panadol and was by then wide, wide awake! So, I went up to my studio and did some studying until a quarter past three (as you do!) before climbing back into bed and getting warm and toasty again.

I only got out of bed again at just before half past five to start my day in earnest!

I tidied and swept our home early as this morning we had Bible Study Group, and when we got back home, I knew I had a lot of ironing to do, so best I got the housekeeping done early and before we came home.

It looks as if the weathermen think we may get a storm this afternoon, and I pray that they are correct as we need rain desperately now. It looked promising when we got home at about lunch time as the sky darkened and it felt as if we may get rain. Time will tell.

Our Bible Study Group met – only six of us there this morning, as Marg and Ian are away. We did a study on what our pastor Tony has been preaching on recently. Next week we begin a new study, and we are looking forward to what Ian (a guy in our group) will be leading us to study this time.

Well, we watched the storm slide east of us, and we got not a drop of rain unfortunately. Oh. I lie! We got two drops with a drum roll of thunder!

This afternoon I felt really off-color. Just naar! (Afrikaans for off-color). Horrible. I noticed then that I had a red mark on my face just where the one tooth was extracted. I have no idea what that meant but I was not feeling too kosher. The mark is not sore and is more like a bruise, so I will just have to wait and see what develops (or not) from that.

In the late afternoon Raafie and I went down to help Ken with getting the weaners in and out to the dam to drink. Again, they behaved beautifully, and all went like clockwork. Wonderful!

Tonight, we had a chicken, bacon, and cheese pasta dish for our supper, but I was not hungry and felt a little nauseous, so I put myself to bed early.

Even though I felt grim I could not get to sleep which was most annoying and another lesson in patience!

I eventually dropped off to sleep thankfully.

What lesson did I learn today? To be kind to my body.

What am I grateful for today? That the weaners were well behaved again.

My saying for today is …

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