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Blog for Friday 27th October 2023

What a wonderful sound to wake up to – rain! Just a soft and steady drizzle, but still rain!

I went to bed last night at about nine and woke up just over an hour later – wide awake! I hope this jet lag is now almost finished now as it is really frustrating waking up at the oddest of hours, and then toppling over with sleepiness not that much later!

Once I was up and moving it was back to hovering on my broomstick or mop as I tried to clean our home. I made up Paddy and Matt’s bed with clean bedlinen, while Ken hovered on another broomstick sweeping out the main area of the shed. He ws a great help for me as I could not have done all that as well before Paddy and Matt’ arrived on the farm.

We had 30mm of glorious rain overnight! (And we had 3mm of rain the day before too.) What excitement! What joy! Much rejoicing in my corner! Today it has dripped, drizzled and dropped a few raindrops, thus keeping the ground a little wet still. It was good to see the one dam that still has water in it (the other six are empty) fill up a little. WE now really need a heavy downpour while the ground is still damp. But … we are so grateful for this rain and will be patient and wait for the next lot of rain still to come - hopefully next week maybe?

Today, although it was raining, I put on loads and loads of washing – stuff that needed to be washed. Maybe tomorrow if the sun shines I can hang it out to dry.

Ken went across and fetched Paddy and Matt’ a cross the river and as we were all tired, we all retired to have a snooze. Paddy and Matt’ had eaten a late breakfast so did not need lunch, so we all retired to our respective beds and slept as the rain pitter-pattered down on the tin roof.

I slept for an hour and then woke up, but today I continued to lie down and listened to my phone, and slowly drifted in and out of sleep. Hopefully that is the swan song of my jet lag!

In the afternoon I went out to check on the chooks – shame, they had no seed left and their water was low. So, I washed the containers and filled their seed up, and the water too and added more hay to their nesting boxes too. Then I gave them another treat of corn on the cob – which they absolutely love! I also gave them some banana peels and carrots to nibble on, and they were ecstatic!

I am sad that one of our hens died (of old age) when I was away, but the others are looking the picture of health and happiness!

In the late afternoon Paddy took Matt’ out and around the farm to show him the dams that have been cleaned and the new dams that have been dug, and hopefully they may have a few drops of rainwater in them now after the rain we have had. (Yep! I am forever the optimist!) Ken followed them a little later after feeding the bulls.

Tonight, I will serve the lamb curry that I cooked yesterday, (as curry is always better the day after it is cooked), which I will serve with some Basmati rice, flatbread, chutney (only Mrs. Balls chutney will do!) sliced banana, and a mix of onion and tomatoes. This is the first time I have cooked with my “new” Indian curry powders and spices and am eager to see what everyone thinks of them.

What lesson did I learn today? To take baby steps in getting our home back to being clean and neat, when I am so tempted to give up sleeping and get it done all at once, but … jet lag has put a stop to that thought!

I can honestly tell you that the curry went down our gullets at the speed of light and I am delighted with my new curries!

What am I grateful for today? All the rain we have received.

My saying for today is …

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