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Blog for Friday 29th December 2023

I am so sorry my blog was uploaded late this morning but I had trouble getting my laptop to restart after yesterday's storm!

My day began just before four o’clock this morning, and thankfully at that time the day is still cool.

I fed Shamara, and smiled as I made my coffee for Paddy was here, on the farm, having arrived safely last night.

I had my Quiet Time and then did some work on my laptop as I waited for a call from Tamryn (one of our five granddaughters, and Paddy and Ren’s middle child, and second daughter.)

Tamryn had left at three this morning from Terrigal and was making the farm a halfway point in her travelling up to the Gold Coast to her best friend for New Year celebrations. So, we were lucky to see something of her as she did so.

I went across the river just on or before eight o’clock and it was so nice to see her, as she has not been able to come up to the farm for quite some time.

As we got back to the top shed Tamryn unpacked, had coffee and rusks with us then headed off to bed. She needed to catch up on some serious shut-eye!

Once everyone was coffee-ed and rusk-ed out they headed off to begin what they had on their To Do List for the day.

Ken went off to slash at the back of the farm, as in a few days there will be more campers arriving and they will camp out there. Now with all this rain, heat, rain, heat the grass is growing so fast everywhere - a reptile’s delight! It is too easy for them to be able to hide, the wretched wrigglies!

Paddy braved working down in the bottom shed – shoo, and in this heat too! He has bought shelving and also shade cloth as he is determined to sort that bottom shed out, which is a bit of a disgrace (to put it politely!)

This project will take time but will be well worth the effort eventually.

Ken joined Paddy a little later and they worked down there until lunch time.

Meanwhile Tamryn slept and then went down to the river for a swim, and once home had a nice shower and something to eat for lunch. Again, I had put out wraps with the various meats and salads for everyone to help themselves.

After lunch everyone retired to their beds to sleep or read. I stayed in the living area with the air con’ on and lay down on the couch to read my book. Yahee! I finished the first book of the trilogy – 514 pages of it and loved it as much as I did the first time I read it, as I had forgotten so many of the details.

Our one and only little chicken was looking a little seedy this morning and was very constipated, so Paddy doctored it by giving it some shavings of an anti-biotic tablet in water and fed it with a syringe and I cleaned its nether regions to make the little fluff ball feel more comfortable. Paddy then took him out to see the wide-wide world out there.      


               He felt a little overwhelmed!

In the late afternoon there was a storm – much display of heavy, dark grey clouds above us, and thunder rolling but that was all, we did not get any rain. W-e-l-l, maybe four drops! But we got the power outage as a result of the storm, and we without power for about two plus hours.

Tamryn and I played three games of “Bananagram” and she beat me two games to one! I love that game but only get to play it when someone in the family is here and wants to play. It really is a good game.

Great! With the power outage, that meant what I had planned for a lovely dinner was not going to be happening, but bless Paddy, he made a fire and cooked the meat for us – boerewors and beautiful steaks. We had them with salad and bread rolls as I could not cook the potato bake in time, or create the dessert.

As Tamryn was leaving the farm at three in the morning – (Paddy kindly offered to take her across the river at that time in the morning) in order to miss the really heavy traffic and head up to the Gold Coast, we all headed to our beds fairly early.

It was another lovely day in my life but a little too warm, I think!

What lesson did I learn today? To take these hot days slowly and gently. To be wise, drink lots of water and not rush about as normal.

What am I grateful for today? To have both Paddy and Tamryn here with us.

My saying for today is …    



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