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Blog for Friday 2nd February 2024

Oh, my goodness golly gumdrops! I began this blog by typing ‘January’ instead of ‘February’ as today’s date! Shows that I had only just got used to doing that and then suddenly it was February!

Some days things move so fast I battle to keep up!

I had my Quiet Time and then at eight o’clock I had to wake Ken up as he had to get going to leave the farm as early as he could. He had to take the large quad bike across to the man who was going to re-set the computer in it for power steering and he also checked the temperature gauge for Ken.

Ken was gone for about two and half hours, but he came back delighted to have the quad bike working like it was new again.

While Ken was out, I did some more washing, staggered out carrying a huge basket of washing and then hung it all out on the washing line. Shoo! I was almost a melted blob of lard by the time I came back inside. It was so hot outside.

My next job was to tackle the deep freeze and the fridge in our living area. I de-frosted and cleaned both of them, then re-packed them neatly.

Oh! How I love that feeling of admiring something that I have cleaned and made orderly. So, I allowed myself a few seconds to do so!

Next, it was my normal housewifely duties – sweeping, mopping, dusting and tidying.

Once everything was visitor friendly, I sat down and did some studying with the air con’ on. But we seriously need this air con re-gassed. I do not think it has ever been done.

Well, certainly not since we have been here. We have been here on the farm for seventeen and a half years, so a re-gas is long overdue I’d say!

I chatted to one of our friends (who lives in the same area) and we are going to find someone to re-gas our air cons’ and get them to come out to us both on the same day.

In the late afternoon I gave our chooks more food and cleaned their water container and filled it up again then gave them heaps of greens. Shame, it is so hot for them out there and they huddle in their tin shed home to get away from the sun, but it is like a sauna in there.

I guess we are all battling somewhat in this heatwave that seems to be continuing forever! I see the weathermen are predicting ran for Wednesday next week – maybe that will break this heatwave.

I charged all the batteries for the w hipper snipper as I was hoping that Ken would mow our grass, but it was just too hot for him to do so. Maybe tomorrow early he said? No matter what, I will whipper snip as the grass is getting far too long around the shed and that is an invitation on gilded edged invitations for any wrigglies - (all things slithery!) to wriggle in and get out of the heat!

For our meal tonight we had the remains of the salmon from last night with buttered baby potatoes and green peas. That mix of chili and coconut milk is really nice as a sauce.

What lesson did I learn today? To take things a little slower in this heat wave.

What am I grateful for today? Our air con that does its absolute best to keep our home cooler.

My saying for today is …

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