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Blog for Friday 30th January 2022

I was up and out of bed at half past four this morning and guess what?

There was that beautiful sound of soft, shushing rain falling on our tin roof! Yes! A wonderous sound indeed! It did not rain for long, but just to have some rain was such a blessing.

Can you believe this? We had 10mm of beautiful rain overnight well, I think it only rained when I got up this morning and not during the night, but 10mm of that glorious wet stuff landing on our land! Wonderful! Marvelous! Now, all we need is a little more.

Ken went out to finish slashing in the Large River Camp but was chased back inside at half past twelve, midday, when we had another shower of rain. How exciting! Again, just a very short shower of rain, but it all adds up to hopefully break this cycle of dryness.

This afternoon I pulled out more of my art thing-a-lingies and decided to try my hand at doing a few watercolor paintings of fish and or birds. Not sure of which I want to do most! I roughly drew a fish and tomorrow will attempt to paint it, but I also need to get things organised for Paddy and Matt’s arrival soon. They will choke on the dust unless I do something about it, like removing it!

Yahee! That second shower of rain brought us another 4.5mm of rain! Hallelujah!

I was so tempted to do my “Happy Dance,” but then thought of the trauma it could cause our cattle, (Ken has been hardened over the years, so is no longer traumatized!) so I restrained myself, but … only just!

Hey! How could I not have mentioned this already? Seriously, my age is kicking in big time, I fear! I seem to forget things easily.

I spent over two hours this morning completing all the ironing and am feeling positively angelic – halo hovering and wings flapping positive! Nah! It really is such a good feeling to have all that ironing up to date. I know it only lasts a day, (maximum two days), but it still is a good feeling!

In the late afternoon – after six and when the drizzle had stopped, Ken went out and began to work in the Small River Camp – it looks as if he is just harrowing in there. Well, that is what I can see from here.

Over the next few days - once I have spent some time cleaning, dusting, sweeping, blah-blah-blah fish paste, I would like to also do some calligraphy as I have not done any for ages. I am not sure what I want to do as a calligraphic piece, but I am sure some idea will surface. I just get excited just planning what I could do! Ah! The possibilities!

I have so many interests and hobbies that some days it is hard for me to decide which I want to do most! What a lovely problem to have, nê?

I am so happy that we have had some rain today, as the dryness was beginning to chip away at any positive feelings of hope and expectations of precipitation – especially when you see all the grasses turning brown and large cracks appearing in the ground, and the cattle searching for food somewhere, anywhere. All that is inclined to revive thoughts of that ghastly drought we had to weather a few years back now, something we would hate to go through again. Perish that thought!


We had a simple meal of savory mince, mashed potatoes, butternut and peas tonight, but in the morning I went through the “Recipes to Try” file and I selected a few to try this coming week. That meant checking to make sure I had all the ingredients needed for each new recipe and if not, adding them to my grocery list.

I had planned (a few days ago) to go into town yesterday but decided that as Paddy and Matt’ only arrive on 3rd January 2023, we would head into town on Monday 2nd instead.

What lesson did I learn today? To be excited about my life!

What am I grateful for today? The rain!

My saying for today is …

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