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Blog for Friday 3rd March 2023

I shot out of bed this morning with terrible cramp in both my calves and I also thought it was time to get up, but it was only ten minutes past two, so I snuggled down back into bed and arose later at just after four.

It was another new day and I got to share it with my man and youngest daughter - what a privilege.

I had my Quiet Time in the silence of the new day downstairs, after which I read and wrote emails before the household woke up.

After everyone had done their ablutions, dressed and were ready for another day, Mich’ and I went upstairs to my studio again – Mich’ to work on her updating and tweaking her resumé, and me to try to sort out our Telstra account. Yoh! What a mess! For some unknown reason I managed to way overpay the one account by paying what we owed into the wrong account! Very annoying and rather a stupid mistake from me. Now, the hoo-hah is to contact Telstra – yeah right! Have you ever tried to speak to someone who works for Telstra? Anyone? – in this century?

After wrangling with that problem for some time, I gave up to try, yet again another day.

While upstairs I cleaned my paint containers and began a small water color painting of a rabbit’s head but had to stop when my feline wanted to assist me!

Ken decided - after much persuading by the men in our Bible Study Group - to attend the Men’s Night in Wauchope tonight, going in with two of them. So, that meant I had to find some meat for a barbeque for him, make a salad, and blah-blah-blah fishpaste. In the end I sent him off with buttered bread rolls, chops, a large salad, chips, a dip and something to drink.

Ken left the farm at about half past four and he fed the bulls on his way out to the Men’s Evening.

In the afternoon Mich’ had a snooze while I read my book – which is such a good read and very moving. I am busy reading “While Paris Slept” by Ruth Druart

When Ken left the farm, Mich and I played three games of ‘Bananagram’ which is a game we both really enjoy. A nice way to end another happy day.

Then it was time for us to feed the dogs for Ken, feed the guinea fowl and then put the dogs to bed in their kennels. We did so, enjoying watching the four dogs and eighteen guinea fowl devouring their food!

Mich’ and I then watched (on her laptop) – a true crime story. We are both totally fascinated by how the person or persons interviewing the guilty party can read that person’s every move, expressions, tone of voice et cetera. Quite incredible how we give ourselves away by our body language! We both enjoyed the movie.

As our movie was almost at the end – I think we had five minutes left to watch – Ken arrived back home, an hour earlier than I was expecting him to, but it was well timed! He had enjoyed the evening out, but was very happy to be back home again.

We finished the movie and then the three of us headed off to our respective beds to sleep.

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy the moment.

What am I grateful for today? Time to paint.

My saying for to day is ...

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