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Blog for Friday 3rd November 2023

This morning began for me at ten to four when I got up and out of bed. Yahee! I am oh-so happy with an early start to my day!

I fed Shamara, made my coffee and made my way up to my studio for my Quiet Time with Shamara winding herself in and out my ankles - a good way to make sure one’s balance is good when walking upstairs!

I finished my study on chapter 17 of the gospel of John this morning – a really fascinating one.

I need to work on my lessons for school SRE in about two weeks. The school requested that I not come in for two weeks as they have swimming galas et cetera this term. The last term is always a bit how’s-your-father, with all the things crammed into the last term – exams, reports, concerts and the like.

Just after I had my Quiet Time I went downstairs and put the oven on as I wanted to bake a chocolate sponge cake for Sue and David for afternoon tea. That as the idea but … I could only find one of my cake tins! I asked Ken what he had done with the missing tin, but he swore that he had not seen it! G-r-e-a-t! So, that was the end of that grand idea. I will have to buy another cake tin before I bake again. I found some delicious looking biscuits instead for teatime! Chocolate over marshmallows and the other one was a plain coconut biscuit.

I spent today preparing for Sue and David’s visit – making a double bed up for them, putting out towels, sweeping, dusting, polishing – all those housewifely exercises on steroids!

Then I prepared the potatoes to cook later for mashed potatoes, and I made a large, tossed salad and put on the lamb shanks in my slow cooker for our supper later. All was ready all we had to do was eat it later!

For our dessert we had strawberry panna cotta with macerated strawberries. I also prepared a large cheese platter with savoury biscuits to nibble on before supper – just in case there were any ‘hungry places’ in our tummies that needed a little something!

We have not seen Sue and David for over a year now and it was really, good to catch up with all their news and share ours with them. Plus … they ‘brought the rain with them’!

Yes-yes-yes! We got some rain in the late afternoon! The rain timed it well as Sue and David arrived (Sue on the back of the ute’ with Ken driving and David inside) as the rain began to spit! Wonderful!

Sue is not an animal person and my Raafie insisted on trying to change that in her, by leaping up onto her lap with great leaps! Raafie eventually got the message to leap onto Ken, David or myself but to leave Sue alone! (I just hope he remembers tomorrow though!)

After much chin-wagging we all retired to our respective beds by ten o’clock, and speaking for me, were soon fast asleep.

It was lovely being tucked up in bed as the rain had made it a little cooler and it was nice being as snug as a bug n bed!

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy cleaning our home in preparation for friends to visit us.

What am I grateful for today? The rain!

My saying for today is ….

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