Blog for Friday 4th November 2022

When I wake up late in the morning I am all fluff and feathers!

My day began late as I slept in this morning – I crawled out of bed at about ten to five or maybe a little earlier, and I was greeted by one muttering feline who did not appreciate her food being served late! Spoilt cat!

I made my coffee, fed the furry muttering one, then went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Ken said last night that he would be going across to Beechwood to pick up our now repaired ride-on mower this morning and while he was out, I had planned to do all the ironing as there was mounds of it to do.

But … plans can change in seconds here! Instead of Ken going to Beechwood on his own I went with him, but as I had planned on going into Port Macquarie on my own tomorrow because I had to pick up the books which I ordered from Koorong a while ago. Ken suggested we do both things today, so that is what we did.

These books I ordered ages ago and will present to the children leaving Long Flat Primary School to attend High School next year at the end of this term. As there are a fair number of them, I asked our church to pay for the books this year. They were delighted to do so, which is a great help to me.

My next job will be to do the calligraphy on the ‘presentation’ label for each child in the front of their book. This year I got them the book “The Bare Bones Bible Handbook for Teens”. In just ten minutes one can discover the key points of any book of the Bible – the big idea of that book; the main people and events in it; plus, the important lessons to learn from it. A handy book if they wish to continue their Bible studies in life.

Both Ken and I were weary today so did not linger long in town but headed home as soon as possible.

But before we left Port Macquarie Ken called in at ‘Hearing Australia’ for them to give him more batteries and to check his hearing aids too as they have not been working that well of late. They altered them and Ken could hear much better, which is good. He also has an appointment later this month, when they will create a special mold of his ear, then they will create hearing aids for him personally using that mold, as that will make his hearing even clearer. Marvelous!

We did not dilly-dally in town or stop to have lunch but just headed home.

Once home, Ken headed off to have his siesta and I sent another farewell message to my sister – this time a voice message – (as Sheelagh, my youngest sister’s mobile is still on South African charges). She left my other little sister’s home in Terrigal at four-thirty this afternoon – the shuttle service picked her up and took her through the Ibis hotel near the Sydney airport, as her flight to South Africa flies out at 9.30am tomorrow, so she will have an early start in the morning.

I am so happy as my nephew, Seth, will be taking Sheelagh out to a meal tonight as a “Goodbye Australia!” for her. I am also happy to tell you that they have already made plans for Sheelagh to fly across to Australia again next year, so that made all the partings this time a lot easier.

Smiles all around!

I read a little of my book this afternoon but caught up with a lot of stuff on my laptop which I have neglected of late!

Tonight, I will allow myself some more reading time for sure, plus I will watch one more episode of “Big Little Lies” which I am so enjoying.

I began ironing earlier today and I did quite a bit of it, but will complete it all tomorrow morning. Thank goodness I have just downloaded a new audio book – “One Year in the Wild” by James Hendry – so will listen to that while I do all the ironing. It is a great motivator for ironing!

I was in bed as soon as was possible and sound asleep at the count of one-two-three!

What lesson did I learn today? To change plans when necessary.

What am I grateful for today? That we have our ride-on mower back fully repaired.

My saying for today is …

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