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Blog for Friday 5th January 2024

\When it was light enough for me to see outside, I looked and admired the beautifully washed pastures. Everything was such a bright green, clean and fresh. That is what a storm does - it washes the countryside leaving it looking beautiful, refreshed and cared for.

After my Quiet Time and some studying, I went downstairs first to check the rain. We only got 5mm of rain after all that terrific show of lightning and banging of thunder! I was so disappointed, but hey, it was 5mm, we could so easily have got nothing.

When I had let the dogs out their kennels and fed the chooks, I came back inside and did just over two hours of ironing whilst listening to my latest audio book at the same time. Wonderful!

Then I entered all the invoice/receipts for the farm for the month of December and sent those off to our daughter-in-law who does the farm books. Yahee! Another ‘tick’ off my To Do List for Today!

The other day when we were in town I bought two meters of eight different colors of ribbon for Ken’s marathon medals. So, today I removed the old tatty ribbons, threaded the new ribbons on and now need to wait for a friend of ours to weld my lamp shade structure so I can finish displaying these particular medals.

I am going to drape the ribbons around the lampshade at various heights, and in various colors to pick up the colors in my calligraphic pieces or paintings (on the wall nearby,) and the newly added Comrades Marathon medals I had framed for my man for Christmas.

With the storm yesterday Ken parked the ute’ in this top shed, plus a quad bike which makes moving around in that area a little cramped. I was going to sort out and wash the lids of the plastic containers at the back (under the workbench) of the shed, but canned that idea quick smart. I hope to get that done tomorrow then.

In the afternoon I worked up in my studio, cleaning and tidying, sorting, and filing. All work that had to be done albeit rather boring tasks, but I have done them! Hurrah-hurrah!

For supper tonight we will have savory mince, mashed potato, butternut and some mixed frozen veggies. For our desserts of late, we have been slowly eating out way through piles of beautiful chocolates left for us by Mich’ and Robert after Christmas and from gifts. (You will know us by our roundness!)

Today we have had drifts of drizzle off and on. I doubt there has been a lot of rain but I will check the gauge in the morning tomorrow. We normally take from 9am to the next day 9am.

Ah yes! I also cleaned one of our fridges this afternoon, so am feeling positively angelic.

What lesson did I learn today? Integrity. Work hard whether someone sees you or not, or even notices what you have done.

What am I grateful for today? The rain – always the rain!

My saying for today is …

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