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Blog for Friday 5th May 2023

Brr! It was a tad chilly when I woke up this morning, so it was wonderful to be able to sit up in my toasty warm bed and have my Quiet Time and finish my blog there. I lit the fire at just after five o’clock to get our home nice and warm for the morning.

Mich’ and Raafie were up a little earlier than usual as Mich’ wanted to leave the farm by ten o’clock, and Raafie is so inquisitive and does not want to be left out of any action, so he was up too.

We had some breakfast together and then Mich’ packed, showered and got dressed to return home.

Raafie and I took her across the river to her little car, and then Raafie and I went ahead to open the Highway gate for her and waved her on her merry way.

I came back to my little car and hooked up the pretend electric tape around it (to try to keep the cattle away from it. As it is looking a little pock marked by them already.)

Raafie and I then banged, bounced and bashed our way across the river. I went through the bottom gate (as I had left it open to close on my way back home because there were no cattle nearby), I closed the gate, hopped back into the ute’ with Raafie waiting anxiously for me to get in, and the ute’ would not start. It was deader than a door nail. Not a click. Not a cough. Nothing,

G-r-e-a-t! (Not.)

So, I carried Raafie, (recently Paddy had seen a rather large red bellied black snake in this driveway, plus I saw another one further up that drive just the other day). I was nervous to let him toddle alongside me. I walked from the bottom gate up to the top shed, with my eyeballs swivelling from left to right and right to left at the speed of light!

I will walk down again later to see if maybe the ute’ was just cold. (It was 4 degrees this morning, so I am hoping that is the case, but it seems odd as I had driven it to the Highway gate and back. I will sort that problem out later as now I need to do some serious housework.

And serious housework I did. I whizzed around on the broom., moseyed around on the mop, licked the dust creatively with my duster and then … pulled out two basketfuls of ironing to-be-done.

It took me just short of three hours and I still have nine shirts to iron for Ken but will do them in the morning as my good intentions ran out!

I brought in the washing off the line, nice and crispy dry just as the sun was sliding down the sky and I could almost feel that heavy dew in the air.

I fed the dogs and put them to bed and tonight I managed to double chain both of the young dogs that wiggle out of their chains at night and bark incessantly. I am hoping that I won that battle!

I did not walk down (or use a quad bike) down to the ute’ as I truly did not have the energy to load and then carry a battery down to the ute, and then I was not sure if that really is the problem. I would wait for Ken and Paddy to arrive tomorrow, and I will endeavor to ride a quad bike over the river to get someone across to fix the ute.

After I had had my supper, a chicken and mushroom risotto, Raafie and I retired to bed. Well, Raafie was already asleep on my lap so all I had to do was carry him through, tuck him up nice and snug in his fluffy bed alongside mine.

Tonight, I felt like watching a movie and so I began to watch "Under Suspicion" with a line-up of excellent actors like Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman et cetera. Although the movie was really, good (well what I saw of it!) I was tired and so chose to sleep instead. I will finish the movie in the morning before finishing my ironing.

What lesson did I learn today? To “go with the flow” and not get too frustrated.

What am I grateful for today? That Mich’ got back to their home safely.

My saying for today is …

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