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Blog for Friday 8th September 2023

Yahee! It’s a Happy-Happy Birthday for Matt’ today! (Matt' is one of our six grandsons and Paddy and Ren's son). “Matt’ celebrate in style as only you know how to! Have fun on your special day and may the year ahead be full of happiness, laughter, love, and positive results from the hard work you are putting in now. Enjoy your day!”

My day began in the usual way – feeding the starved feline, poor creature! Then making myself a steaming mug of coffee before going up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Today Mich’ said she would get some Travel Insurance quotes and I promised to check with our bank for the same. Last time I travelled to South Africa I used the banks Travel Insurance. But bless Mich’, she sourced an insurance that will not send us into bankruptcy quick smart – honestly the insurance for anyone over seventy is sky high! Seeing I am almost seventy-eight now, I am expecting to be wrapped in cotton wool and carried onto the plane and I gently wave my fond farewells!

Yes-yes! I did do the ironing today! Can you believe that! It took just over two hours but is done now for the next few days.

I began my spring cleaning today. I began with my cupboard first, as I wanted to check on what I will be taking or my trip to South Africa. We are allowed I think about 30kgs on the international flight, but only 20kg on the internal flight (from Johannesburg to Durban), so that will require some planning!

I asked Ken to have his siesta out on one of the beds in the main shed area, so that I could continue sorting my clothes out and shoes out. I have two bags to give away. So am doing a decluttering exercise at the same time. Wonderful!

The other day I discovered a puzzle app on my phone (Jigsawscapes) and have got Mich’ addicted to it too! It is great fun if you enjoy puzzles and a marvelous way to unwind at the end of the day. You may choose whether you want the puzzle of your choice to have 64; 100; 144; 225 or 400 pieces. I prefer to do that that watch TV mindlessly.

Oh rats! My phone’s screen now has a black background all of a sudden and it will not allow me to send photos, which is a little annoying. I will have to work out how to correct this as I took some photos yesterday that I wanted to put on my blog today. Another lesson in patience Gail Morgan!

Deep breath dearie!

I am obviously a slow learner as I seem to bump into these lessons on patience rather frequently!

In the late afternoon/early evening I lay down on our bed (as Ken was still asleep in the main shed area) and did my puzzle or half an hour as a reward, seeing I had completed the tidying of my cupboard and worked on a list of clothes to take with me on my trip. Shoo! What a decadent lifestyle, woman!

In the early part of the afternoon, I made a chicken curry by first cooking it on the stove top and then putting it in the slow cooker for the last two hours. I also made a bowl of rice and served the meal with the South African chutney we South Africans love – Mrs. Balls Chutney. Ken was smacking his lips and smiling a lot as he ate his supper! Good.

Another lovely day disappeared into the darkness of the night as I crawled into bed. Another day which I had enjoyed - and yes, even doing the ironing!

What lesson did I learn today? More Patience!

What am I grateful for today? Another load of ironing done.

My saying for today is …

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