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Blog for Friday 9th February 2024

A new day arrived silently, and it gently touched our front door and then waited for us to begin to live in it. R-r-r-really live in it!

What a privilege!

I fed my feline and had my Quiet Time before beginning to conclude my tidying spree.

Apparently, Paddy told Ken last night that they should arrive at the farm at between ten and eleven o’clock this morning, so I looked forward to that.

Last night we had our Church Board Meeting, and I was asked to set up a committee to organize a Once-a-Month-Saturday-Open-night at our church. This is something we have discussed before, but now it is a “go-ahead” project. The committee will organize with those in our church who would like to take part, to bring a meal - enough to feed themselves and enough to feed a couple of other people too. We can then invite people for a meal and a chat in a just-getting-to-know-you laid back sort of setting, with no strings attached. There are so many lonely people out there who would welcome a meal out for free and someone to talk to. Plus, we need to be a big part of helping those in our community who are needing someone to care about them.

So, as soon as I could this morning, I contacted some women who are good at catering and organizing things. I have a committee of four so far who are keen to be part of the action! I may add another name or two but need to be clear in my own mind of the where, how, who and when before I add more names to my list.

Paddy and Matt’ arrived on the farm at about half past ten and it was so nice to see them both again! I am so enjoying their coming up to the farm every two weeks – but it must be hard for them as they work so incredibly hard when they are here.

In the afternoon Ken will have to go across the river as Mick Wallis is bringing our cattle, that were across at the Jung’s, back to us. Andy and Virginia Jung are having cattle transported by Mick to the Wauchope Saleyards for the sale on Saturday, and they have kindly offered to push our cattle through their yards so that Mick can bring them across to us.

Our bull, who was across there is no longer there, but … knowing him he probably is back here again. He is a law unto himself and needs to be sold, I fear, as fences do not deter his wandering one little bit!

At about half past two, well closer to three o’clock I think, Mick arrived here with three of our wandering bovines – a steer, one cow and her heifer. The bull has disappeared into thin air – as he is wont to do, the rascal. Ken and I along with Mick got all the Jung’s cattle off the truck and then re-loaded them once we had separated our cattle out. It was a quick and easy operation and soon Mick and his truckload of the Jung’s cattle was heading off to Wauchope Saleyards.

I put out salads, chicken, ham, cheeses slices and spinach wraps, for lunch but no one was here! Matt’ was fast asleep. Paddy was digging the holes (using the tractor) for the ‘yards straining poles, and Ken was busy down in the bottom shed, and then it was time to sort out our three bovines on Mick’s truck.

When Ken went down to make sure that Mick managed to cross the river without any problems, and they also checked that there were no rocks caught in his wheels. I brought our washing in as it was beginning to feel as if we may get an odd shower or two, although that had not been predicted for our area. But … I always live in hope!

This morning, I took the large rump steaks out to maybe braai/barbeque tonight, but they are still pretty frozen, so maybe we will just have our lunch for supper tonight and the steaks tomorrow.

We had a cold supper tonight which was fine.

What lesson did I learn today? To make myself useful where I see that I can. I shot out to help Mick and Ken sort out our three bovines out off the truckload.

What am I grateful for today? All the most incredible skin products that Mich’ sent for me with Paddy – for no reason except because! I am spoilt rotten.

My saying for today is …

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