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Blog for Friday6th January 2023

Oh rats! I woke up late yet again – just after five this morning. I also woke up earlier - just after two this morning – obviously dreaming again, but I have no recollection of it – and then I battled to go to sleep again. Never mind, hopefully I will be up early tomorrow morning.

Hey, you will be delighted to know that I did hover on my broomstick this morning and also did some mopping - but I made sure that I did not overdo it! Housework can be dangerous I believe.

The morning was overcast with odd showers that kept drifting across the sky and sprinkling from on high. I wondered if my friend Jill, and their extended family would still come across to spend a day down at the river. I text her and she said that they were still game to come. So, yahee, I would get to see her! Wonderful.

I knew that I would not be able to spend that much time with her as we had another friend Norm’, come across to fix the big quad bike and to see if he could get my oven to work again.

Norm’ battled valiantly to get my oven working again, but some switch had burnt out and we will have to order that before my oven will be working again.

Another lesson in patience, Gail Morgan!

So, instead of sulking loudly (I managed to do it quietly!) I walked down to the river from the top shed to say “Hello! And Happy New Year!” with all those happy, excited words to my friend who I have not seen for years! COVID being the main culprit there, plus Jill works most days in Port Macquarie, but we are determined to work out something this year, so we get to see each other more. I miss her company.

It was lovely to also see Ian, (Jill’s husband) and their children - Maddie, Owen and Ellie – all so grown up now. They had come across with their relatives from the UK who are out visiting. There were a total of fifteen of them all dotted on the river or the river bank.

It looked as if they were having a great time as they were using stand up boards and having fun in the river, plus the sun obliged by popping in and out when the drizzle halted. So, I pray that they really did enjoy their day out here.

I did not spend much time with Jill as she had her relatives with her, and we had Norm’ fixing my oven and the quad bike, plus Paddy and Matt’ up in the top shed.

I walked back up the hill home carrying in my hot, clammy claws a packet of delicious chocolates Jill had given us to say 'Thank you!' Shoo! It is good exercise, (the walking) and I should do it more often. Silly me, I chose to walk back when the sun was out blazing and therefore worked up quite a sweat, and much huff and puff could be heard in the district coming from me as I labored up the hill!

Norm’ managed to get the quad bike sorted out – hallelujah!

Ken, Paddy and Matt’ need the two quad bikes and the ute’ to get around the farm and get done what they have planned to do.

We ate lunch in relays as Ken and Norm’ were busy with the quad bike ‘til fairly late. Paddy, Matt’ and I were being attacked by the hungries, so we ate earlier! But I did sit with Ken and Norm’ when they had a chance to have their lunch later.

Paddy and Matt’ decided to have a siesta as it was raining again, and I thought I would lie down and listen to my audio book and wait for Ken to get back after taking Norm’ across the river and back to his vehicle.

W-e-l-l. that was the idea, but I fell fast asleep and woke up a few chapters later not knowing what I was listening to! As I have a habit of doing, I fear!

Okay, so that is the end of my using the oven for anything. But, I have the gas top, the small grill and my slow cookers – and I am sure I will be able to create some decent meals using those. Plus, we have the fire outside!

It was an early to bed tonight for us all.

What lesson did I learn today? Not to sulk too visibly.

What am I grateful for today? The drizzle - as every little drop of rain counts.

My saying for today is …

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