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Blog for Good Friday 29th March 2024

I turned my alarm clock off and only got out of bed just before five o’clock this morning. The reason being that we got to bed late last night, because Ren’, Tamryn and Matt’ only got here well after nine o’clock and then we unpacked the ute’ and put everything away and had a good catch up chitter-chatter time before we all turned in.

When I got up this morning it was a little cooler than usual and it felt a little damp around the edges of the new day. Maybe we will get a few drips and drops of rain during the day, but we shall wait and see.

Hopefully the two tents going up will be able to do so before any serious rain comes our way! (They did - one was okay the other was done in the drizzle.)

Before everyone woke up – it was just Paddy and mwah who were up and about – I quickly sifted the icing sugar and cocoa ready to make the icing for my chocolate cake. But I waited until the household was sort of moving, with one eye open before I used my mixer to create the icing!

Then at just after eleven o’clock my sister, Dol’, her son Seth (our nephew) and his girlfriend, Shannon, arrived on the farm. Slowly, slowly our home is filling up and the chaos, fun, laughter and noise begins!

Later today we are expecting my niece, Margie, her partner, Neville and a vet, Ange’ - (who Paddy works with) and her husband, Ryan to get to the farm. But in the meanwhile, everyone is just relaxing, reading their books, watching something on their i-pads and generally enjoying the moment or sleeping.

Bar Paddy who is still working his toush off down in the bottom shed or fencing.

Ken went across the river just after eleven to fetch Dol’, Seth and Shannon and bring them back across the river as they were not in a 4WD vehicle.

Dol’ was the bearer of so many gifts for me from Sheelagh my other sister (who lives in South Africa,) and also from Kerry’ our eldest daughter (who also lives in South Africa.) W-e-l-l! To put is succinctly- I was spoilt rotten by them both! (I do spoiling well too!)

Yahee! It was good to have some of the family here with us now for Easter.

When Dol’ woke up after lunch, (we just had wraps, ham and salad) she came through to me and we played a few games of Sequence in which she thrashed me! Very demoralizing. (Sob-sob.) Then while we were playing that game Tamryn, Matt’ and Ren’ began a game of 'Bananagram', but it sounded like WWIII was erupting in the main shed area during this meant-to-be-amicable game, so Dol’ and I joined the war!

I then lost track of time as to what the time was when who arrived. The next (to arrive on the farm were Ange’ and Ryan, and an hour or so after their arrival, then Margie and Nev’ arrived.

What ensued was very close to complete chaos, but such happy chaos!

We then taught the group “Oh Hell” and much fun was had by all. After which Ryan and Ange’ brought out their game of “Werewolf”- (which is almost identical to the game 'Mafia') and that was incredible fun. My goodness gracious golly gee, I never realized that we had so many good actors, cheats and liars in our family – this game revealed them all!

We stopped halfway through one of the ‘Werewolf’ games to have supper. We had to change our idea of a barbeque for tonight to Lasagna because of the rain. So, we had garlic bread, lasagna and salad, followed by cheesecake, before returning to our game.

At about half past ten we were all weary and so headed off to our respective beds – two couples to their tents outside and the rest of us to our beds inside.

It had been a good day.

What lesson did I learn today? It was good to have some of our family here – I just wish it had been all our family with us though.

What am I grateful for today? That everyone arrived on the farm safely.

My saying for today is …


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