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Blog for Monday 13th March 2023

I was awake nice and early and out of bed just after four o’clock this morning, much to my starving feline’s delight!

I fed her, made my coffee, and tried to tiptoe up the stairs to my studio as quietly as the creaking steps allowed me to.

I had my Quiet Time, checked that I had all my things for teaching my SRE classes at school today. Yes, I was feeling a little nervous as I have Tinus critting my ability to teach today at school, but … then to be honest, I am ALWAYS nervous when I teach or speak in public. Once I begin to talk I am fine, but before that, I look a lot like the jelly fish on the right in the cartoon above!

Yahee! We had another 25.5mm of rain overnight which is wonderful! We have had some light rain off and on, this morning too – every drop is precious for the farm as it was bone dry before this lot of rain.

For lunch we had my chicken and veggie soup and toast, it being a rainy day. Somehow – soup and toast and rainy days - go together for me!

I got back home – (Ken fetched me across the river in the ute’ and took me home) at about half past three or there abouts.

My SRE classes went so well today which was wonderful as Tinus was there in both the classes to crit my ability to teach. The children were so well behaved I think I should take Tinus with me every Monday to school!

Today, I walked a little “on the wild side” as I taught the first class (the Kinders to Year 3) a new song but not being blessed with a beautiful singing voice, it is always my personal nightmare, but … it is not about me, and there are some children in each class that absolutely love singing. I have done it before and the children love it, especially as I get them to do all the actions. Today, even their class teacher joined in, and some parent, who had arrived early to pick up their child for an appointment, walked past the classroom door and lingered there, smiling as she listened and watched the children singing their little hearts out.

It was just a fun day and the children all seemed to enjoy themselves – even more than usual. They seemed quieter too – maybe the rain slowed them down, and so they could not rush, run or leap about as they normally do in their lunch break, therefore they were not as tired, hot or fractious.

Tinus, the man who came into both my classes and did a crit on my teaching style, was very kind and complimentary. He was amazed and excited to see what work I was doing in the classroom and thanked me for doing so – bless him!

I am so happy that Tinus did that for me. As soon as I got home, I did a scan of the form he had had to fill in about my teaching ability, and I then sent it off to the powers that be in the Baptist Organisation. That is the last step completed for me to receive my new Authorisation Card to be able to continue teaching SRE classes.

Tonight, will be a relaxed evening for the three of us, and I plan to watch an episode of my series. But before I do that, my good friend sent me another chapter from the book she is busy writing. I did not read it this morning but kept it as a reward for today’s crit at school. Shoo! I am so happy to be able to do that.

My friend Hester (who is writing a book,) never disappoints – she is such a gifted and talented writer, and it was my joy to read another chapter of her book. What a lovely way to end today!

What lesson did I learn today? To try something new even if I do not feel that confident to do so – in order to bless others by doing so.

What am I grateful for today? The beautiful soft (and also hard) soaking rain we have had.

My saying for today is …

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