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Blog for Monday 13th May 2024

I was up long before any little (or large bird) had opened one eye this morning! Shamara was delighted as that meant she may be able to squeeze in a few extra meals in the day!

I had my Quiet Time, did some studying, and then began a serious amount of housework!

I began in the bathroom – swept, did loads and loads of washing – especially towels - as Raafie keeps on going outside and returning heavily laden with mud. Plus, being so short of leg, his tummy is well coated with layers of mud too! So, I have had to wash him and dry him again and again during the day. Talk about patience developing moments (and well ground back teeth) in my life!

I then hung out all the washing. What a nice feeling seeing it all flapping outside on the line and in the sunshine, instead of going around and around in the tumble drier.

Today I cleaned the bathroom well – the shower and shower walls and tiles, the washing machine and tumble drier, (inside and out of both machines,) mopped the floor and cleaned the stainless-steel sink and bathroom basin.

But ... by the end o the day I wondered why I had even bothered! There was mud bespattered all over the show as I had had to wash Raafie three times today, and then he shakes himself dry, which causes any mud left on him to be spread far and wide! Luverly!

Then I dusted the furniture and ornaments before polishing them. I wiped the leather lounge suite with a damp cloth, as there were a LOT of muddy paw prints all over the suite – causing it to look a if it had a bad case of chicken pox or measles!

I unpacked the dishwasher and then re-packed it with dirty glasses and dishes again.

That always make the kitchen area look neater immediately. I took out butter from the deep freeze to soften it overnight. I need to make another batch of rusks with the family possibly coming up this coming weekend.

Tomorrow morning Ken and I have the fun job of trying to get my little car out and off the farm to get its pink slip, needed for registration! The mud is so thick here at present that I have my doubts about a good result. Ken can pull me out with the ute’ if needs be.

This morning, I heard the guinea fowl screeching and ran to the window to see why. Yes, I am always on the lookout for any wriggling reptile and screeching guinea fowl can be a warning! But the dogs had cornered one of our new little guinea fowl against the electric fence in the chook run. I ran outside (yes, I actually ran!) in my ugg boots which were soon covered in thick mud, causing me to slip and slide at an alarming speed. All I could see was one terrified little guinea fowl about to gets its life snuffed out. I yelled at the dogs who listened to me - by then I think I was breathing out fire! I picked up this little bundle of feathers thinking the worse had happened and just held it tight to my chest murmuring words of comfort. But after a while its heart slowed down from its rapid beating, it looked up at me a if to say “Thanks mate!” and then flew off a little later when it thought the coast was free of canine!

I then went out again to feed the chooks and give them some greens and left over veggies. Oh my! But it is just one great big mud puddle out there. We really do need the sun to dry up all this muddiness. Shame, the chooks have nowhere that is nice and dry at the moment.  I think we need to reposition their home.

I had my shower at about lunch time and then went up to my studio to do some of my art course. Today, I did sketches showing my measuring the proportions of each drawing. Good exercises. I cannot wait to get my waterproof sketching pen so I can do my ink and water color washed drawings.

I made the beds in case Paddy, Tamryn and Matt’ get up here to the farm this weekend. Tick! Done!

For our supper tonight I think we will have bits and pieces in the fridge that need to be eaten – I will fry the bacon and beef sausages, bake the chips, poach the eggs and there is a sliver of lasagna that needs to be devoured too.

I need the fridges to be cleaned out and ready for the next lot food and veggies – those hopefully, I will be able to get tomorrow when in town.

What lesson did I learn today? To do what I set out to do in the twenty-four hours given to me today.

What am I grateful for today? Some beautiful sunshine to help dry all my washing!

My saying for today is …

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