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Blog for Monday 13th November 2023

Yahee! A brand, new day arrived at our front door, and I got up to greet it at just after half past four (yes, late I know but better than the last few days! C’mon Gail Morgan, get your act together woman!)

It is also a bit cooler today – I think the weathermen are saying a high of only 23̊ C today, after yesterday’s 35̊C plus! Wonderful.

Oh but they ere oh-so very wrong as it was hot-hot-hot!

After my Quiet Time I went over my lessons and made sure that I had everything packed to take with me for my SRE lessons today. I am so looking forward to seeing the children again – it seems like forever and a day since I was last at school!

Then I decided to do the ironing that was waiting for me in the washing basket. Done! Something crossed off my To Do List for Today!

I am so disappointed because yesterday when we got back home after church, I dropped the case containing my Bluetooth ear buds, and for the life of me I cannot remember if Raafie was there with me or not. But I noticed that there was only one ear bud on the floor which was odd as I am pretty disciplined with stuff like that and would put both ear buds away together always. I am just hoping that my dear little dog did not grab (which he does thinking it is a game) the one ear bud and disappeared outside to destroy it! I have looked everywhere but so far, no luck. I shall keep looking.

This morning after I had fed the chooks and the guinea fowl and let the dogs off, I decided to do some more tidying of my desk up in my studio as there is an enormous pile of papers that need attention – to be throw away, filed or seen to. So, that is my main mission (after SRE classes) today! To get on top of that pile of papers.

Shoo! Today I have sneezed and sneezed and sneezed non- stop until I felt like a Woody Woodpecker must feel with all that forwards and backwards jerking of the head! I am not sure what that means – an allergy to something blossoming or maybe a hefty cold coming on. Neither are happy options!

When I got to school it was so nice to see the ‘old’ headmistress back – even if for only a couple days a week as she is still undergoing cancer treatments. She is looking lovely and her very short hair suits her tremendously, I think. It was special seeing her back.

The children were so happy to see me, and the children who now attend the Aboriginal Cultural lessons instead of SRE lessons this term, came running to me and asked me please to tell them all about my trip as they would not be in my class anymore. Very sweet of them, and I do miss having them in my class, but I have to, and so do the children have to adhere to their parent/s choices with regard to these two classes.

It was good to back at school and it was fun to be with the children again. I really had missed them and apparently the children had missed me too!

When I got home Ken was still asleep, so I had something cool to drink and then wrote my blog and I pulled out my old cross stitch embroidery pieces as I think I will do some of that over the next few days. I find it such therapeutic work and I can listen to my Audible book at the same time. Sounds like a little bit of heaven, I think!

For our supper tonight I will make veggies - mashed potatoes, peas and butternut, but as there are a few savoury leftovers, we may choose what we want with our veggies. I will have the chicken, but I am not sure of what Ken will feel like. (We both had the last remains of the chicken.)

Today was fairly warm but by the time I got home from school it was cooling quickly, which is always nice for sleeping well at night.

What lesson did I learn today? To accept what I am unable to change.

What am I grateful for today? The time I have been given with each of these children over the years. I was looking at the one little girl who was just a little one at pre-school for two years when I began to teach at the school, and who is now leaving to attend High School next year. That is nine years I have had her in my classes!

My saying for today is …

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