Blog for Monday 14th November 2022

My day began when I opened my eyes and just before my alarm clock began her cheerful ditty.


That silenced that noise! And I slipped out of bed quietly.

I fed Shamara, made my coffee and tried to sneak as quietly as possible up my creaking stairs to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

I worked on the last bit of my lessons for school today and was happy with the preparations I had done.

Then I cleaned up our home, swept and mopped and wiped the oven down as Norm', a guy from church is going to pop out this morning (well at noon to be precise,) and see if he can repair it for me. I could switch it on and then suddenly it would just go off.

As I leave home at about lunchtime I thought I should prepare some salads et cetera and put out wraps so that the men can help themselves and I can tootle off to school for the afternoon knowing that they will not fade away or suffer any hunger pains!

In the morning we had a few storms go around us, over us and probably more will come and go during today. Hardly any rain fell, just enough to get one wet if you remained outside though.

After having had my shower and got dressed I began to work on my homework for our Bible study Group as we will be meeting this Thursday morning again. Yahee, as I miss our getting together when life interferes and we are unable to have our meeting!

Good news! Norm' managed to fix my oven so how wonderful, I can bake, grill and roast again!

Today I had a lovely noisy day at school. The little ones were so happy to get their weeny books to take home, (the ones they colored in last week and I laminated for them.) Plus I had an animated video for them to watch on the Bible story for today. They loved it and remembered all the facts too when i asked them questions later! We then proceeded to play a game and there was great hilarity and the children seemed to thoroughly enjoy the lesson and the game based on the message of the lesson too.

In the older class I told them the Bible story and then let them also watch the same animated video which caused them to chortle and giggle. Then I played “Killer Wink” with them to illustrate how crafty and sly Jacob (Esau and Jacob were the subjects of today’s Bible story) was in life.

I dealt out the playing cards and the person who received the “Joker” was the 'Killer Winker' for that round, except … oh dear! I did not put the joker in that first round! Much laughter ensued as I really had not meant to hoodwink them at all! Noise reigned!

Being so incredibly hot today I thought the children would be listless, but nope, that were jumping around like a bucket of frogs and loud and very noisy, but happily so. I can deal with those happy sounds!

From school I popped in (having first arranged it earlier) to see my friend Karen who I have not seen forever and a day ago! We crammed in all our news into two hours of solid chatting and sipping tea or coffee together.

Yoh! I was beyond impressed by what she and Paul have done to their home, and I did my very best not to turn green with envy! They have done a superb job, they really have, and it was just so nice to catch up and also to drop off our gift for their little great-granddaughter!

I waved my farewells and headed back home where they, men in my life – Ken and Paddy – were having coffee and getting ready to set out and about the farm again as the day was beginning to cool down a little.

We are having a very simple supper tonight as I am always tired after time spent at school with all those energetic little bodies. We are having pork sausages, onion gravy, mashed potatoes, butternut and peas. Followed by ice cream in waffle cones for those that want them.

Aaaah! It was just so good to sink into our bed, close my eyes and arrive in The Land of Nod!

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy the noise, energy and movement of young children around me.

What am I grateful for today? A two hour visit with my friend, (who lives just down the road), but who I have not seen for ages.

My saying for today is …

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