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Blog for Monday 15th January 2024

Oh dear! Last night I fell out of bed! Now, honestly who does that? But I managed to, which gave Ken an awful fright as he woke up to pull me back onto the bed! Poor guy – he has it rough some nights!

I seem to be getting more creative in my nightly adventures – laughing like a crazy woman, screaming absolutely terrified by some nightmare, or now falling out of bed on the floor with a loud splat! I have no idea what that was all about, but I was not hurt and soon was fast asleep again! I think Ken was still rattled, as he said that I had fallen hard onto the floor. Poor man was worried, while his wife slept on!

The weathermen have predicted 20 – 45mm of rain for our area today, but we will wait and see. So far, looking at the where the rain is I think it may slide south of us, but hopefully we get the rain predicted as that would begin to fill our dams.

This morning, Paddy and Matt’ set off down to the bottom shed to continue their incredible work of sorting the bottom shed out, and it is beginning to look like a new place entirely. Paddy was saying that they still have quite a lot of work to still do. He is hoping to finish it next time they are up here – probably in two weeks.

This morning when Ken opened the incubator, he was greeted by nine little guinea fowl chicks all running around inside!

Nine brand new little guinea fowl chicks/keets.

Thank goodness it has been a tad cooler today with drifts of drizzle wafting over the farm off and on throughout the day. Lovely.

I cooked some boerewors (South African spicy sausage) and we had boerewors rolls for lunch today – something light but filling.

Then after lunch Paddy and Matt’ left us to return back home in Terrigal, on the central Coast. I am so grateful for all the work they do consistently when they come to the farm. It is visibly paying off too as things are getting sorted, put up, made or repaired! Marvelous.

Matt’ is off on another cruise this week - this time to Fiji with Ethan (Mich’ and Robert’s youngest son) – so that makes two of our grandsons sailing off into the blue yonder together, which could equal danger! Their girlfriends are going as well, so I am sure that they will all have such fun.

I continued my battle with the covering of the lamp shade – today I measured and marked the bottom hem, then ironed the fabric again. I have placed double sided tape around the bottom hemline, hoping to secure the material before gluing it properly. Then I will try the top edge, which is always a bit tricky.

I also climbed in under the stairs trying to find my two beautiful books of embroidery stitches, but so far, they are still eluding me. I went through several boxes down there, but oh my goodness it was hot work and very close under the staircase. I took out all the quilting fabrics and the quilt I began when attending Embroidery Classes. I MUST do something with it as I have put hours and hours and hours of work into it so far. Not too sure of how I will tackle that problem, but … I will!

After lunch and after Ken had taken Paddy and Matt’ across the river to their vehicle (well Mich’ and Robert’s ute’ really, which they had borrowed to get all the shelving equipment up here) – Ken turned in to have his siesta.

I went up to my studio and was closely followed by both Shamara and Raafie. Both were soon sound asleep, not even a whisker twitched! I did a little bit of my course by drawing a self- portrait – a very rough one at that! Now I have to be rather creative to get across something about me and who I am, without making the drawing too involved! Interesting exercise.

The day slowly dissolved in the soft drizzling of rain. It had been a soggy sort of day here on the farm.

What lesson did I learn today? To be patient. I am a slow learner obviously, as I have a LOT of lessons in patience!

What am I grateful for today? Paddy and Matt’s hard work here on the farm.

My saying for today is …

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