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Blog for Monday 15th May 2023

My day began – well not really – I was barked out of bed at one o’clock to go for a wee walk, and because it was chilly and the ground damp, in order to entice Raafie out, I too had to walk right outside to get him to follow me! G-r-e-a-t!

I allowed myself a few extra minutes in bed when my alarm began its shrill ditty, as both Ken and Raafie were sound asleep, but … I eventually rolled out of bed and into the cold, briskness of a new morning, edged with darkness.

After my Quiet Time I got the paraphernalia would be needing for teaching my SRE lessons at school today together and ready for when I had to leave the farm.

It was so good to see Ken up a lot earlier than he would normally rise and shine, and he had his 'To Do List for Today' on hand too! It is so nice to have him slowly stepping back into some normal routine and not sleeping non-stop. COV ID certainly whacked him hard and left him with this constant tiredness, which we are hoping will soon abate.

It was so good to be back at school and I felt really missed and cared for by the teachers too. The children always greet me happily and it was good to be ‘back in the saddle’ as they say.

There are still many changes happening at the school, and I have yet to meet the new the lady standing in for our original Headmistress, who is still absent on Sick Leave. I look forward to meeting the new lady next week possibly, and also am looking welcoming back the Headmistress away because of serious illness.

The Kinder and Years 1, 2 & 3 were a delight to teach today, and their teacher even joined in to sing the song that I taught the children last term. (Bearing in mind that I am no singer!) That was a first!

The older class seemed fractious and a little out of sorts somehow, before we had even begun our class. Again, they have another “new” class teacher which must be a little unsettling for them, but we enjoyed the Scripture class in the end and all the children took part in the setting the New Testament books in order. They worked in pairs and had a Bible Index (using their Bibles) to check which books went where and in what order. I have done several sets of the New Testament books using Styrofoam cups with the title of each book per cup, and I have also used wooden ice cream sticks to do the same with. In fact, using the wooden sticks I have done both Old and New Testament books, so those that completed their New Testament book order quickly, wanted to try doing the Old Testament books too. I was very proud of all of them and the effort that they all put into completing this task. Not easy when you are tired, and it is the last lesson of the day.

Hey! I love these children.

I was welcomed home by four dogs and one puppy. All bouncing about and almost cheering as I drove up to the top shed. I had to stop and put Raafie in the ute’ with me for fear of running him over.

I had to include this photo of the little fella watching TV with Ken! How cute is that?

The big man and the little fella watching TV together!

Once home I quickly undressed and hopped into my winter ‘jarmies and Ugg boots. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat outside watching the dogs play and checking that Raafie was not chasing after the guinea fowl!

After an afternoon at school I am whacked, so it will be as early to bed tonight as I can. I can snuggle down and read my book and not worry about lessons to prepare for anything just yet!

Tonight, we are having a pasta dish of pulled beef with basil pesto and a cheese sauce. I will see if my energy lasts long enough to create a salad!

What lesson did I learn today? To go with the flow.

What am I grateful for today? That my teaching or giving lessons are all up to date today.

My saying for today is …

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