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Blog for Monday 16th October 2023

Oh dear! I only struggled out of bed at a quarter to six, staggering out and into the living area where both James and Robert were already working on their laptops doing whatever they had to do on their laptops!

After a couple of mugs of coffee, I began to feel a lot more human – I think late nights and lots of conversations have tired me out! (Tsch! Age!)

Ater chatting to everyone here, Robert suggested that we could go up to Hilton Road and Howick as he wanted to see Scott again before we fly out and back to Australia and I would be able to visit my friend, Marion, in Howick. Eventually, it was decided that Kerry’, Robert, Mich’ and I will go up to visit the people we need or want to see. Robert will see Scott, Mich’ and Kerry’ will visit “Big Carol” and I will see Marion tomorrow.

I will also see Sheelagh, Eric et famille and Sven and Shan’ before I go, but as yet I am not sure of the day. I pray that that will happen too.

Then after breakfast Kerry’, Robert, Mich’ and I headed off to the shops to buy food, gifts to take back with us and I also bought a few more beaded things for gifts too.

We stopped at a coffee shop to have something to drink before continuing our shopping spree. I managed to find a book shop that had Sven’s (one of my nephews, and Sheelagh’s one son) book as Kerry’ was keen to read it. I already have a copy given to me by Sheelagh. As we cannot buy it in Australia … yet!

Today has been quite cool and the skies have opened up off and on, allowing the rain to pour down. Something the farm would absolutely love.

After lunch, basically everyone headed for their beds to have a snap snooze. I lay down read a bit of Sven’s book and rested. I cannot say I slept because I did not, but my body needed to rest a bit after all the excitement and the late nights.

I am so looking forward to seeing Marion tomorrow and catching up with all her news. I am going to the actual place where she is now living in Howick, Kwa Zulu Natal. South Africa which will be so nice for me to see.

Tonight, we had another lovely meal – steak, lamb chops, chicken pieces, garlic bread and a huge salad to celebrate Josh’s last night here with us before he flies back to Bali. It has been so nice having him here with us as he originally could only be with us for the weekend of the wedding, but he managed to stay on with us which has been lovely.

We also celebrated having him here by playing several rounds of “Oh Hell!” – the card game our family plays often, and much laughter and hilarity was had by all.

What lesson did I learn today? To appreciate the moment.

What am I grateful for today? Family – always family and friends.

My saying for today is …

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