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Blog for Monday 18th September 2023

I shot out of bed at ten past four thinking that I had overslept! Silly woman! Ah! Foolish female! It was still early and no need for panic!

I gave Shamara a new food this morning because the sachets I bought for her the other day she does not like at all and the one even made her sick! Rats! I bought two boxes of the wretched things too. Thank goodness this newer food she seems to like – shoo, she is getting fussing in her old age, but I guess she deserves some fussing over anyway.

I had my Quiet Time up in my studio and then got together all my paraphernalia for teaching at school later today. These would be my last two lessons of SRE at school this term before I fly out to South Africa for Tyra’s wedding.

In the morning I let the chooks out for their little stroll about as it was so hot, and they deserved to stretch their legs for a bit.

At about noon the excavator arrived, and Ken took the guy up to the dam in the middle Serpentine Camp to begin to clean that dam out. He will also dig a new dam in the Serpentine Camp 3 too. Well, this guy has a LOT of work to do as he will be cleaning out all the other dams on the farm and creating quite a few new dams.

What a lot of noise the excavator made as it clawed its way across the river, up the hill, through a couple of gates to the dam where it was to work – much clanking, creaking and moving like a tortoise. But my goodness it does the work well.

It was another really hot day today, so I dressed in light summer clothes to prevent my melting away – yeah right! That will not happen any time soon, but … it is good to dream, isn’t it?

I arrived at school a little early as I always do, because I love watching the kids at play. A large group and sometimes the whole school takes part in a game of football, and I love all the serious little faces as they rush up and down and down and up the field, every single one of them determined to score a goal.

While I was sitting outside watching the children two of the teachers, no, actually three of them, offered their air-conditioned classrooms for me to sit in, but I declined as I like watching the children at play. The one young teacher said, “Yes Gail, you are the grandmother of this school, and all the children love you.” What a nice thing to say to me!

I think I grew in stature after that!

Both my classes at school today were great – just fun – even though it was so hot the children were attentive and could answer any question I asked of the Bible story I had just told them. Because of the heat the games we played were low key – in one class we sang a song the little ones love to sing and did all the actions. Yes, can you believe it me leading the singing! You see … miracles still DO happen!

We also played “Hang Man” a game both classes love, but one we do not often play, but it was a good option as today was so hot and the children were huffed and puffed after their game of football too. My first word was 'NEBUCHADNEZZAR' which had them bamboozled for a while, but they know I choose a word from the Bible story I have just told them and that helped with this word, but they were almost hung when they got it!

The children gave me such a big “Goodbye!” today knowing that I will not be with them at the beginning of their next term. I left the school smiling broadly with little voices still echoing “Goodbye!” behind me! These kids make me feel very loved.

As I got to our Highway gate, there the excavator man was coming out, he had just unlocked the gate so I drove in and told him to go and that I would lock it. He was surprised that I had offered but he was grateful. I could see that the heat had almost melted the man shut up in that little cabin of the excavator for several hours. Poor man.

When I crossed the river, I could hear the pump for the irrigation system was on and when I got to the top shed Ken was out and about the farm somewhere.

I grabbed a cook drink and went and sat outside with the chooks – I let them out again to have a wander and again stretch their legs. It was lovely sitting out there in the shade with a strong breeze (although it was still warm) blowing. I do have a lovely life and I am grateful for it big time!

Later, I did some work on my notes for our Bible Study Group which has changed to Wednesday this week. We also have to go into Port Macquarie on the Thursday (a doctor’s appointment) and again on Friday (to Daphne and Ken’s home for a visit.)

For our supper tonight we had a repeat of cold meats, salads, eggs, baked beans and hot mashed potatoes as it was still almost too hot to eat.

It is crazy how the temperatures soar and plummet. In usually begins at about 7 or 8̊ C in the early mornings and then it rises steadily to up to 33̊ C during the day! That is a serious temperature swing, I reckon.

Oh! It was so good to crawl into bed – plus Ken had washed, shampooed and dried Raafie when he (Ken) had a shower, as Raafie was a mud cake on four legs having been down at the dam! So, we had a squeaky-clean little dog in bed with us tonight.

What lesson did I learn today? To find joy in the simple things in life, as children do. Like the sheer joy of kicking a ball around.

What am I grateful for today? The lessons children teach me.

My saying for today is …

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