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Blog for Monday 1st January 2024


A new year has begun today. How exciting!

I am really looking forward to this year and have already begun by writing down some of the little things I want to do. You know, those things you mean to do but never do?

This morning after coffee and rusks Paddy had begun to work down in the bottom shed – hard and heavy work  moving, chucking out, carrying and finding place for what is still needed on the farm.

Ken went out to check on the cattle and then he joined Paddy down in the bottom shed.

I did a load of washing and hung it out to dry. And … my timing for bringing it in was spot on, because as I carried the basket back into the shed a few hours later, the rain began!

Aha! I attacked something I have been wanting to do for years but, have not! Getting rid of the thistles that are growing down the laneway, and which detract from the beautiful plants Paddy and Matt’ have planted there.

I must admit I wore gumboots and did a fair amount of goose stepping as that is where the large (yes, LARGE) red belly black snake has been sighted on several occasions. Not my ideal companion.

Yep, I had my brave on securely! Plus, both eyeballs got plenty of exercise swinging from left to right, up and down and all around!

Even though I wore gloves I still got pricked and scratched by those wretched thistles bushes as they are armed with many, many thorns designed to do just that. I only did a small stretch as it was really hot out there, but it is a beginning. I think I will try to do that work in the very early mornings or later in the day as it was far too hot out there today. I am determined to get this done.

For lunch we had baked beans on toast (Ken’s favorite meal!) and Paddy had his with slices of cheese too, to ‘joush’ it up a bit.

After lunch we all headed for a rest - to read, watch something online or sleep. I actually had a half an hour snooze which was lovely and unusual for me.

In the late afternoon I discovered one of those documentaries based on the true story of a conman – the world seems to have an overload of them! I watched one episode and enjoyed it and as there are only three episodes, I will watch another tonight and the other one tomorrow night, if I am disciplined enough!

Ah yes! That is what I did early this morning – I finished entering all the rainfall figures for 2023 – adding the last 7mm we had overnight last night. Today we have not really had any rain – just the odd very, very light drizzle - enough to wet you if you remained outside, but not enough to record.

Tonight, we are having spaghetti bolognaise for something light and different to the cold meats we have been eating of late.

Tomorrow Paddy returns home and as always I miss him when he goes. back home It is nice having him around. He is good company.

What lesson did I learn today? If I want something done and I can do it, then I must do it.

What am I grateful for today? A beginning to getting rid of the thistles, although many days work still to be done.

My saying for today is …


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