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Blog for Monday 1stMay 2023

No long walk with Raafie today as I had no intention of confronting that red bellied black again!

The first day of May today! Wonderful!

After my Quiet Time I did a lot of hovering on my broomstick and then I swapped it for the mop. A general tidy up ensued.

I was excited for today Michelle – our youngest daughter - was arriving on the farm to spend a few days with me. I am so looking forward to that, as once one’s children have grown up, are married and have their own children, one seldom gets one on one time with them. So, I will treasure this time with her.

She was not able to leave too early in the morning so got here at two o’clock. I went to our Highway gate to meet her there, and then she had to drive very, very carefully down to our river crossing as the front fender of her vehicle was extremely low to the ground. Shame, some rotter, the other night, smacked into her beautiful little black golf and smashed the front fender, which of course, has not knocked out electrical systems et cetera. The rotter left no note and the cameras in the street did not record the particular angle that could have revealed the offender’s car and registration.

I had let in (on my way to meet up with Mich’) about fourteen cows and calves to walk up the laneway from the river, and which I would let into the Home Camp of getting back.

Once I had Mich’ and her belongings in the ute’ we bumped, banged and bounced across the river and then I stomped around in the Small River Camp, with Mich’ “on duty” at the one end of the laneway to prevent any bovine streaking down there, and I moved a further six cows out to join the fourteen I had moved earlier. They are all safely in the Home Camp now.

Yahee! It was now time for us to relax, unwind and catch up with our chitter-chatter. Mich’ and I are gifted in that department!

Later, we attempted a game of Bananagram, but it was interrupted by several

phone calls, so we decided that we would continue the game tomorrow instead.

Two very special friends of ours died today – Brian Eldridge from our church, and Annie Bursik, in South Africa. We will really miss them but we were honored to have called them ‘friend’, and that we got to spend time with them in this life.

Tony, our pastor asked me to notify the church that a service in memory of Brian will be held in the Senior Citizens Hall on Monday, 8th May at 3pm. and I put that in my blog for those of you who knew Brian but do not belong to our church, in case you would like to attend it.

To end our day before going to bed, Mich’ and I chomped on a slab of chocolate that we were both just going to ‘have a piece’ but we ended up almost demolishing the whole slab!

It was time to sleep. Raafie was already fast asleep on my lap, so I carried the little guy to his bed, tucked him in and then followed suit!

What lesson did I learn today? To appreciate every moment I have with Mich’ this week.

What am I grateful for today? Mich’s safe arrival on the farm and that Ken is feeling so much better.

From left: Ken; Paddy; Matt’ and Pete (plus the skipper) off on their first day of fishing in Dundee NT

My saying for today is ...

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