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Blog for Monday 20th November 2023

Shoo, it was a little cooler than the last few mornings – and welcomed too! Today came dressed in layers of soft drizzle, which made it look so beautiful. Hopefully that day will be a gentle drizzly sort of day to allow the rain we get to soak into the ground and work its magic.

With it being a miserably drippy sort of day, none of us were that motivate to be rushing about looking busy! Instead, we started our day slowly with Paddy the only one looking like he had some energy left in his tank, as he went out in the rain to work out at the ‘yards, using the tractor to place large poles into the holes he had already dug.

I watched him off and on from the windows in my studio and what a slow process,

demanding every scrap of patience one has! I so admired his determination to finish the job he had started, the rain not deterring him one little bit.

We had 3mm of rain overnight which was gratefully received, and we are praying for a lot more rain this week.

I am at school today and am looking forward to seeing the children again as they always give me so much more than I give to them, I think. It is just fun being around all those busy little bodies and to hear their laughter and chattering. Children's laughter has that wonderful ability to make you smile even when you maybe out of sorts.

Paddy, because of the rain, went back earlier than he had originally planned – so he left for Terrigal - where they live - about an hour before I went to school to teach. He wanted to say “Cheers!” to Matt’ (their son and one of our six grandsons,) who is off to Thailand with a group of his friends soon- maybe even this Tuesday?

Ken was already lying down for his siesta when I left for school. It was drizzling steadily so I donned one el-cheapo plastic poncho so that when I hopped in and out the ute’ opening gates and getting to my little car I would not get too wet and soggy.

It was lovely being back at school and I had a long chat to the acting head mistress before the bell went for classes. She invited me to the end of year festivities at the school, which I gladly accepted as it is always great fun. The children produce a play or concert of sorts and they all take part in it. So, I look forward to that evening.

I really enjoyed my classes today – not that I normally do not! Just some days are more fun than others and today was a goodie!

Again, when I got back home it was drizzling so I hopped in and out of my car and the ute’ as fast as I could to get back home not too wet.

Raffie heard me coming up the drive and hurtled out to greet me. He also followed me up to my studio where both he and Shamara slept alongside one another! Their cat and dog differences forgotten in their tiredness!

What lesson did I learn today? Enjoy … enjoy … enjoy whatever comes my way!

What am I grateful for today? The drizzle.

My saying for today is … (And I have two sisters!)

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