Blog for Monday 21st November 2022

Yahee! I woke up smiling because I was off to school later today to teach my two Scripture classes. What fun!

Of late when I get up in the wee hours of the mornings, it is a little fresh, but this morning it was a lot warmer, about 13̊ C and then the day begins to warm up quickly. Yesterday it

was really hot with a very strong wind blowing. Dust – leaves – twigs and warm air!

I was organized for my day at school so was looking forward to it greatly.

Before I left for school, I did the washing and the small mound of ironing waiting patiently in the laundry basket for me to do it!

Before I went to school, I also re-typed the “Walk Through the Old Testament” page as Danyelle will be reading it out for the Kid’s Church Presentation, and I had only jotted down a shorthand version which I understood but she may not have! Then I laminated it.

Yoh! Today the wind howled and howled and howled, slapping and whipping the sides of the shed with its hot, furious breath. Somehow the wind makes children and people irritable. I have no idea why, but it seems to be a crazy fact!

I was so looking forward to being at school and my first class was absolutely wonderful! They listened well, answered all the questions I put to them quickly and correctly – just a dream bunch of kids. The game we played they all seem to have enjoyed thoroughly with much laughter.

It had been an absolute pleasure being with them.

Then … on to the next class! Today they were just not far off hanging from the chandeliers (thank goodness there are no chandeliers in the school!) This class was all over the place – kids being silly, interrupting, talking and generally not like this class behaves normally. I reprimanded one of the boys and asked him to display better manners in the future!

Harsh, coming from me who does not like confrontation, but we all have boundaries and this one kid in particular was pushing mine big time!

They did settle and after the lesson I had asked permission to take the kids outside to play the “Jump In- Jump Out” game, as the classroom was way too small for us to play it in there. I managed to persuade their teacher to join us all too. It was great fun and nice to be outside even if the wind was still blowing hard.

This game is great fun and although it sounds so simple it does tax one’s brain and many mistakes, laughter and giggles follow!

You stand in a big circle and hold hands. The leader says, ”Say what I say and do what I say. Jump left (everyone says that and jumps left). Good! Jump out (everyone says ‘Jump out’ and jumps out)” Once everyone has the hang of doing that you stop. Shake your hands, wipe them on your clothes as your hands get sweaty. Hold hands again.

Then the leader says, “Now I want you to say the opposite of what I say but do what I say. Jump right!” (Everyone says “Jump left” but jumps right!) This is when things get a little messy!

Lastly, the leader says, “Say what I say but do the opposite of what I say!” By that stage so many are completely confused. Try it!

I will not be at school for the next two weeks as, being the last term of 2022, there is much going on at school. They are, next week, all going swimming on the Monday when I would normally be at school. Then they are frantically busy preparing for the musical they will be putting on mid-December. So, I may only have one more Scripture lesson left for this year!

Wow! How fast has that whizzed by!

What lesson did I learn today? For me to learn from my failures and not count them as a loss.

What am I grateful for today? Thet children who keep me humble!

My saying for today is …

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