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Blog for Monday 22nd May 2023

Well, I must admit that I woke up several times last night, plus because Raafie was so tired after all the chasing after bovines yesterday, so he collapsed far too early and therefore needed a wee break at midnight.

I took him outside and it was really, really chilly. As soon as he had his wee walk he shot back inside and could not wait to get back into bed. In fact, he was so delighted that he could not stop licking me to say “Thanks!” once he was again snuggled up inour warm bed.

Thank goodness that did not last too long as he was soon sound asleep again.

All night we had the bellowing of the mums and the bleating of the weaners – who really are more than old enough to be on their own but love the comfort of their mum’s milk. This cacophony of sound only lasts a day and night or two and then everyone settles and gets on with their lives.

Us too!

This morning I worked on my cattle lists and checking which cows or bulls, or calves or weaners did not go through the ‘yards yesterday. I still have a lot still to check on, but … with a little more patience, I will get that done soon.

Today, being my SRE school day, I left the farm at ten past one – a little earlier than normal as today I was not teaching but the ‘Quiz Worx’ people were putting on a Christian show for the school. I was really looking forward to that as I have never seen a Quiz Worx show done before, because we are normally flooded in when they have come to the school before, so I was unable to attend (being on the wrong side of a flooding Hastings River!)

I was suitably impressed by the two young girls who produced and took part in the show with singing, puppets, storybook time and a good message too. The children loved it and laughed a lot which was so nice to watch and hear.

Quiz Worx

From Left”: Will Jamieson SRE Co-Ordinator for our area; Puppet; me; Wendy and Larissa

I am looking forward to my lessons next week at school as I am bound to be asked quite a few questions!

I was home a little earlier than normal as I was able to leave when the Quiz Worx girls left. After the show Will ' and I helped them pack up and pack all their paraphernalia into their vehicle.

Once I got back home Ken got up from his siesta and I went out to help him move the weaners from the yards back down to the dam and then into their camp.

Oh! La-dee-da! What a kerfuffle! Weaners shooting out from left to right and back again, never going where we wanted them to go, dogs barking, Ken whacking in to the fence line when he hit a large log on the ground on the quad bike. Raafie running after cattle, Ken and the canines … oh my heart was in my mouth as I watched. He has no fear which is concerning as he will get hurt before he learns a little wisdom unfortunately.

It took a lot of patience, creative conversations, much chasing to and fro’ before the weaners were safely in their correct camp. Hallelujah!

Yes! It was then time to wind down and enjoy the last rays of sunshine of the day, just as the sun slowly disappeared behind the hills. It has been a truly beautiful day.

What lesson did I learn today? More patience!

What am I grateful for today? The ‘Quiz Worx’ girls performance for the school.

My saying for today is …

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