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Blog for Monday 23rd January 2023

Happy Birthday little brother!” It is my youngest brother 'Rick's s birthday today, and he will be celebrating it with his family and friends over there in the UK. I wish we could be there to share his special day, but am sure that he will have a fantabulous day!

I was up late again this morning, but that was my own fault. Last ,night I went to bed early but then began to watch a whole heap of crime documentaries and got hooked big time! Hence I had a very late night after all and had a huge battle with the duvet this morning, and the duvet won!

Today I set my sights on cleaning our home properly. That meant a lot of serious riding my broomstick, and swatting all that remained stationery with the duster, and then I polished everything. that did not move out my way.

I began first with my large wooden tray full of shells – (brought from South Africa with us. Yes, and cleared by the authorities.) I tipped them all into the stainless-steel sink in the bathroom and gave them a good soaking and wash in warm water, before drying and putting them all back into the wooden tray. It is always a lengthy job but good to have it done.

I spent hours on washing, wiping and moving pot plants around and washing their leaves.

I then spent time on cleaning out the glass front door runner tracks, as everyone seems to scrape their shoes or boots there and the mud and dust fill them rather quickly. I used both a knife and toothbrush to clean the tracks nicely.

Next, I wiped, washed and polished all the knick-knacks on the sideboard, and did the same to the knick knacks in front, or on the fireplace and on the floor near the lamp stand.

I swept and tidied and did not stop until after two o’clock, when I was most definitely ready to wind down.

While I had been doing my housewifely thing, Ken mowed our grass – which I was delighted about. Paddy worked like an animal, planting out all the plants he had brought up at the beginning of the month. Shoo, and it was so hot outside for him to be digging holes, but he did it. He also went out and watered all the plants he had just planted too. He really has done an incredible job.

When Ken came in from mowing he was hot and bothered as it was really hot outside, he went straight to our bedroom to have his siesta as he did not want to have lunch. When Paddy came in, I quickly made him two ham and cheese toasties for his lunch, after which he retired to have a quieter afternoon.

I went up to my studio to check emails – although I do not have to send out for the congregation any more as Shirley is back in the saddle doing that.

I just wanted to do some more transcribing of one of my courses and maybe if I had time to read a little of my book, and I also had a twenty-minute snap-snooze. Wonderful!

We have had some rain today but not nearly as much as we would have liked, but … maybe it will rain overnight.

Yesterday, we had 13.5mm of rain which was marvelous. Unfortunately a lot of the rain skidded either north or south of us today, but at least we did get some.

Tonight, our supper is beef pies, mashed potatoes, butternut and peas. Nice and easy for me!

Today for me, has been a day of scrub-a-dub-dub, but oh, it is so good to see things clean, neat and tidy.

What lesson did I learn today? How much one can achieve if you decide to!

What am I grateful for today? Every little drop of rain we received.

My saying for today is …

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