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Blog for Monday 25th December 2023

Wow! Christmas Day has arrived! It arrived wrapped like a gift, in layers and layers of soft white mist. It was beautiful!

As I only went to sleep just before midnight, I battled to get out of bed at four this morning – I sort of rolled out of bed just before five o’clock thinking “Merry Christmas!” and all things jolly.

Shamara was waiting for me, sitting in front of her food bowl with impatience stamped all over her jet-black fur.  I fed her quickly and then put the kettle on to make my coffee – shoo, I never realize how loud the kettle is until I am trying to tiptoe around and not wake anyone in our household.

I think I succeeded in not waking anyone as I did not hear any snorts from disgruntled beings being woken up before they were ready to!

Shamara and I went up to my studio and I had my Quiet Time, put my blog up online, answered emails and generally started my day.

I know that everyone here will sleep in late as they have had one social evening after another this last week, and what with working as well, they are all really tired. So, our Christmas will start late and just be eased into gently, as there are no little children anxiously awaiting the opening of gifts. We will have “an adult” celebration of Christmas here this year!

Oh, what a lovely, relaxed and happy day we all had together. There was no rushing, hustle or bustle either. Everyone woke up when they had had enough sleep and not before.

The day began with a mug of tea or coffee and rusks, followed a little later by a simple breakfast of cereals, muesli, locally made yoghurt (mango or passionfruit) and then toast and a variety of jams – marmalade, strawberry, mixed berry, peanut butter, honey, and Bovril.

Then we began to open presents handed out to us by Ken – my man. We were all thoroughly spoilt and there were a lot of happy faces. Even the dogs and cats got gifts!

Later, Robert, Mich’ and I prepared for our Christmas lunch. Again, this year, everything was low-key, simple and relaxing. I had two bags of things to use on the Christmas table and Mich’ kindly set our table up. I had more of an African theme to our table this year.


Our meal began with about eight tiger prawns each served with a mixed mayonnaise (which Robert made). Then Robert had carved the smoked ham, leg of lamb and chicken for us, and we served that with a potato bake and a tossed salad – (we decided that just the two salads was enough for the six of us as the fridges were already bulging at the seams and we did not need any more leftovers!)

For dessert I had made little biscuit based morsels topped with caramel and a star of thick, whipped cream – which none of us could fit in! (We had them in the evening instead.)

After lunch those who were weary had a snooze – Ken, Robert and Mich’ – Josh’ and Ethan went fishing and I lay down on the leather couch in the living area and read my book.

My goodness, gracious me – our day was peppered with one storm after the other (after having had another 17mm of rain yesterday – wonderful!

Josh’ and Ethan had a marvelous time down at the river - swimming, fishing or sheltering under the trees when the rain pelted down hard. Nary a fish was caught but they had a great time and arrived home absolutely sopping wet!

Once Josh’ and Ethan had showered and were dry again we began a serious board game – one that Ethan had bought for me, knowing how much I love family games! It is a combination of about eight different games -very clever, and great fun. (I cannot remember the name of the game and as it is where the Taylor tribe are sleeping I will not wake them.)

It was lovely day spent with people we love.

Ah! Yes! I almost forgot to mention that our first little chicken popped out of its shell in the incubator today. Our very fist little Laced Wyan-Dot chick. Mich’ heard cheeping coming from the incubator and alerted Ken to that, and when Ken opened the incubator there stood a rather confused little black, fluffy chick!

After we had finished playing my new game, we all slowly drifted towards our respective beds. Ken was already in bed and I read my book for a few minutes before going to sleep … smiling!

What lesson did I learn today? To keep it simple sweetheart!


What am I grateful for today? Our family, friends, the farm and the rain.


My saying for today is …


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