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Blog for Monday 26th December 2022

Wow! It’s Boxing Day already! Shoo! But the time with our family has simply flown by and today we return back home to the farm.

Last night, well in the early hours of the morning – well, to be exact just before four o’clock - there was an almighty crack in Mich’ and Robert’s home – it sounded as if the floor had caved in or something heavy had fallen down somewhere. No, seriously! It was a very loud sound! Both Mich’ and I shot into the passage and espied that the toilet cistern had fallen off the wall onto the toilet, and the loud cracking sound was the bolts shearing off at the wall! The bolts were very, very old and had rusted off! At least it was not too serious a problem.

Ah! The fun of living and loving it!

I decided that I may as well stay up and have my Quiet Time, which is exactly what I did do.

Then I wrote my blog for yesterday and did a little bit of studying before the household began to move.

It was lovely just sitting in our ‘jamas, sipping coffee, chomping on rusks and chatting. As we all had to use Ethan’s bathroom, (because of the said demise of the upstairs cistern) poor guy was woken up way before he would normally stir. But then yesterday when we got back home from the Christmas lunch with the family, both Josh’ and Ethan crashed on the couch while we were all chatting! I have proof. Look at this photo! So, they had many, many hours of sleep yesterday afternoon and into the night!

Josh’ and Ethan in the lounge after a huge Christmas lunch at Paddy and Ren’s

This is no pretend sleep – Ethan was out!

Josh’ still battling to get over his Bali belly.

I packed all our things, said “Good-bye!” to Josh’ as he was still sleeping because he is not feeling that crash hot yet, and I was so sad that we will not be with him tomorrow the 27th, for his birthday, but I had left a gift for him to open on his special day.

All the family helped carry our things out to Paddy’s car (which we drove back to the farm, as Paddy needs the ute’ to load all the plants he has for the farm).

Mich’ planted three beautiful cacti in three stunning African designed clay pots for me to bring home, so I am so excited to place them in our home when we get home.

Our trip back home was uneventful really – four cop cars – lots and lots of orderly traffic and especially at that bottleneck before the Hexham bridge. But hey! We survived and got home just before half past three.

Drew and Josh’ (the guys who looked after the farm for us) came to fetch us across the river (as we had no ute’ nor quad bike over on the other side of the river. They also helped us load Drew’s vehicle and unpack it when we got up to the top shed.

I am so sad as little Holly the heifer died yesterday afternoon and I feel like I let her down, because she loved me and drank her milk when I went out to her, and then – I was gone and she did not do that well with Josh’ feeding her. Not Josh’s fault at all, it was just that she was used to me. I just feel very sad, that’s all. I know, I know that on a farm where there is life there is also death, but I still have never got used to that.

Ken and I were welcomed home with great happiness by all four dogs and one cat!

Ken went and had his siesta as soon as we got home but I like to get things done before collapsing in a heap!

I put the washing on, fed my cat (who insisted that she was dangerously near to starving! Yeah right!) I unpacked everything and put it all away, then I had a wonderfully hot shower, and put on my ‘jamas – all done by four twenty!

The boys did a good job of keeping everything pretty neat and the shed’s roof was still on, which are all plus points!

From late this afternoon there will be about seven young guys (counting Josh’ and Drew who have been on the farm for a few days already) coming to camp and celebrate the season together. They fish, swimming, do some target shooting and have a couple of off-road bikes to ride around the farm on. Just fun times for them all, and what a pleasure seeing them enjoy it all.

I will sleep well tonight!

What lesson did I learn today? Patience when in long queues of traffic that has bottle-necked.

What am I grateful for today? The time spent with family and for getting home safely.

My saying for today is …

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