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Blog for Monday 27th May 2024

Some mornings it is harder to feel bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Although I was up early this morning and my body was sort of moving around feeding one famished feline and all, I think I was still asleep! A real Monday morning feeling!

Even by half past seven this morning, not a creature was moving (Shamara was asleep up in my studio with me), Matt’ and Tamryn, Ken and Raafie were all still pushing z’s around their respective rooms!

Once everyone was up and moving and talking sense, (well sort of!) we all had a coffee and some rusks before the plans for the day were rolled out.

Poor Matt’ was to continue chain sawing the posts and then putting them into the holes already dug upon Tamryn’s home site. Back breaking work!

Tamryn was to continue mixing the cement and filling the holes that the posts were in – also back breaking work!

Ken went down to the bottom shed to sharpen the chain saw and I am not sure how far that went. Apparently, he had to do it by hand as he could not find the chain saw sharpener.

I tidied, swept and mopped our living area and the bathroom, then did a couple of loads of washing and hung it out, to flap (the washing that is!) happily in the sunshine.

Just as I had hopped into gumboots to go up the hill to see how Tamryn and Matt’ had progressed with their work, they were on their way back home! End of that idea!

They both had a quick hot shower, got dressed, had some lunch, and then I took them across the river in the ute’ to Tamryn’s ute,’ where I waved a fond farewell them both, as they were driving back to the Central Coast and home.

Ken was fast asleep – having his afternoon siesta when Tamryn and Matt’ left. Bless Tamryn, she bought Ken a beautiful pair of calf height, wool lined slippers, just because. Very kind.

I am so happy because today I managed to do my SRE lessons and organized the games for them, I prepared the Sunday School lesson, colored in the picture (the handwork) as an example for the children to follow, and I also wrote an article on “What is Faith” for our Bible Study Group.

We are having our Bible Study Group on Friday this week instead of the normal Wednesday morning. As we – that is Ken and mwah – cannot be there as we are selecting twenty Bonsmara steers to go to the Sale-yards, and they will be picked up in the afternoon on Wednesday.  

A Thursday morning Bible Study Group I could not do, as I have a Zoom course to attend in this week for SRE, and I teach at the school in the afternoon. So, our group suggested that we have our Bible Study Group on the Friday morning – I can go,  but I think Ken will be busy with Paddy and Tamryn on Friday!

Tonight, I will be having Butter Chicken and rice, served with buttered bread and chutney – but Ken gets severe heartburn from it, so he will have cold meats and salads instead.

The day slowly leaked out quietly and night began to seep in, staining the sky an inky black.

It was time to relax and read a book or listen to something.

What lesson did learn today? Just get on with it.

What am I grateful for today? Having all my lessons organized for this week!

My saying for today is …

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