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Blog for Monday 29th January 2024

I opened my eyes and the darkness wrapped around me snugly, but it was time to get out of bed and beg11Lock10edin my day. No time to lie in bed dozing or to snooze on!

Shamara is delighted that I get up early as that means she gets more meals in a day! Well, I think that is what she reckons. She is motivated by her stomach is my cat! (Maybe a little like me!)

I had my Quiet Time and then for my ‘To Do List Today’ I decided that I would spend – (if necessary, the whole day) – sorting out my emails – unsubscribing – submitting to the government website, why I think the cancellation of Christian Schools & SRE Tax deductions is not right, nor beneficial to anyone in the long run. (That took some careful wording.) I also had many, many MLA/NLIS emails to wade through and I see that I have several courses to complete for that too.  Shoo! I am for ever completing some course – and not courses of my own choosing either!

I spent hours and hours unsubscribing from each unwanted email – yoh, these wretched unsubscribed emails seem to breed overnight in my Inbox! But eventually I managed to get all my emails sorted out and only had nine emails left in my Inbox that needed attention. Nothing else!

Now you can understand why I worked the whole day doing just that as I had about three hundred emails to sort out! But … hey, they are done now! What a good feeling.

I also finished my homework for next Sunday. Another tick off my To Do List for today!

For our supper I will be serving Ken and I a beef lasagna with fresh salad. Just what I feel like eating!

Ken caught up today with what he had not been able to do yesterday because of the rain. He went out to the back of the farm to check on all the cattle. Ken Scarborough (our neighbor at the back of the farm) sent Ken a text earlier today to say he had most of our herd there at his place. He loves them as they act as a lawn mower for him, which cuts down on mowing time for him!

As it was a muggy day again today, I showered late in the day. It is a waste of time showering early in the day as one sweats continually in this weather.

In the late afternoon Ken saw the dogs fussing about something on the ground, and on closer inspection he aw it was a red bellied black snake! They are more venomous to dogs than a brown snake is so Ken had to shoot it before one of our dogs were bitten.

Ken with said red bellied lack snake!

Not my favorite way to end the day I must admit, as my imagination can run riot as I go to sleep!

What lesson did I learn today? To just keep going until I have completed what I set out to do.

What am I grateful for today? Having sorted out that huge pile of emails. and that none of our dogs were bitten by the red bellied black.

My saying for today is …

“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them.”

— Og Mandino


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