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Blog for Monday 30th October 2023

I slept well and turned my alarm clock off at just before four o’clock but decided that bed was the better place to be. So, I rolled over and slept in until twenty past five this morning, What a lazy wench!

When I got up Frik had just got up too so I made him and myself a mug o coffee and a little later Paddy and Matt’ got up and had their first mug of coffee and rusks to start their day.

Paddy and Matt’ went off to do the last stretch of fencing for this time, and Frik went to throw a line in the water, but he came back very disappointed not a fish was stirring and he saw a platypus it was that quiet!

I made a big breakfast of cheese sauce, poached eggs, toast, bacon, and left over strips of steak for breakfast which went down well with all four men.

After breakfast Paddy and Matt’ again headed out to do the last-minute tidying up, putting the water tank back on the tractor and the forks too, Ken went out to feed the cattle and Frik, the ever determined fisherman, went off to fish.

I spent most of the morning doing loads and loads of washing and hung it out in the hot sunshine to dry.

Ken, Paddy and Matt’ left the farm at about midday – Ken to pickup feed for the bulls in Wauchope and Paddy and Matt’ to return back to Terrigal and home. Frik was still out fishing somewhere on the farm.

Once again,, Paddy and Matt’ had accomplished a huge amount of fencing on the farm for which we are so grateful.

Yahee! I am back to studying the biblical courses I have on hand – ‘The Book of Revelation’; ‘Historical Backgrounds for the New Testament’; and ‘God’s Work God’s Way’. That is my happy place.

Frik got back from his fishing at about two o’clock, so I put out wraps, bread rolls and salads, chicken, ham and roast beef, plus cheese slices, and a variety of mayonnaises for him to choose from. I sat and ate with him while we waited for Ken to return from Wauchope.

Ken got back home at about half past three and a few minutes after he got back home Frik said his farewells as he left to return to Port Macquarie and his wife Adri. I was happy for him as he managed to bag a few fish after all!

All day I have been thinking about Mich’ (our youngest daughter) who is in Melbourne for a week of training in her new position. She phoned me in the early evening – feeling absolutely bushed after an intense day of training, but she was happy with how her first day at work had gone.

I sat outside for a while watching the day slide down the sky and into the darkness of the evening. It had been another lovely day in my life.

What lesson had I learnt today? To enjoy the ‘ordinary’ which so often turns out to be ‘extraordinary’ after all!

What am I grateful for today? Family and friends.

My saying for today is …

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